Wednesday, June 30, 2021


The paradox is- the result of -two opposing truths-can be both right- side by side,

Paradox is like-

the summer sky,

full of sunshine,

with drizzling rain,

touch our face softly;

make us feel-

soothing & burning,


Paradox is an unusual thing.

Paradox is-

like the two sides of -

the coin;

one complementary to-

the other,

to make it a whole;

both can be right,

side by side;

paradox is a holistic thing..

Paradoxical thinkers,

can be -

angry and calm,

bitter and sweet,

cool and warm,

tough and soft,

at the same time;

have courage to-

leave the nostalgic past,

take a leap of faith,

into the future,


Paradox is a mindful thing.

Paradox is-

neither black nor white,

it’s the shade & color,

in between;

people always look at-

the world the way,

they want it to be,

paradox is the grey area,

between right and wrong;

subject truth and

objective actuality;

People can agree -

to disagree,

and move on.

Paradox is a perceptive thing.

If we go hiking,

take seemingly

the opposite route;

sometimes, we reach

the same destiny,


paradox is -

the multiple choice,

bringing up-

enriched experience,

paradox is a flexible thing.

Even logic,

our strongest language itself-

is fundamentally paradoxical.

many concepts seem to-

be opposite-

solid vs. flow,

dark vs. bright,

chao vs. order;

yin vs. yang;

positive vs. negative

simplicity vs. complexity,


paradoxes are -

conflicting conditions,

demand equal attention,

paradox is a sophisticated thing.

Our natural, beautiful,

complex world,

is paradoxical-

with balanced forces;

renewal energy;

harmonized reality;

without broad knowledge,

profound insight,

ultimate wisdom,

we cannot understand-

her cohesively;

paradox is-

a holistic thing.


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