Monday, June 28, 2021


A heart is- full of love; an ear is-ready to listen; a hand is willing to- help, when understanding happens...

We live in -

the complex world,

full of energy,



with shade of colors;

variety of sounds;

active listen,

be attentive;

listen -

with your heart;

keep mind opening,

discern voice,

from noise;

create excitement,

stimulate imagination,

connect with -

nature intimately…

Listening is a thoughtful thing.

Listen to -

your inner voice;

listen to others -

with empathy,

listen with -

the eyes;

listen with -

the intention of-

linking into -

emotional spectrum in-

self and others…

Listening is -

an interactive thing.

Love listening,

love being wrong,

love learning….

propels good ideas to-

be formed;

deal with-



Communication has

occurred when-

the message is received

and understood;

conversation keep going,

when we intend to-

listen continually.

If we do not listen,

we will -

lose the goodwill of -


listening is -

a learning thing.

Listen broadly,

enjoy diverse voices;

listen deeply;

give attention to-

non-verbal communications.

Listening is for -

what's working-

the accomplishment;

what is the missing-

the gap;

Listening is -

an interesting thing.

Be good listeners,

act like a sponge,

absorb information,

develop new perspective,

seek the path to change...

A heart is-

full of love;

an ear is-

ready to listen;

a hand is willing to-

help all,

when understanding happens,

we feel calm inside;

energy flow outside,

to explore-

many of possibilities;

to overcome-

common challenges.

Listening is -

 a great thing.


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