Tuesday, June 22, 2021


UNLESS we love-each other, appreciate our difference; how can we trust, respect, believe in ourselves, and work together, to renew our planet, as a beautiful place to live in….

UNLESS we enjoy


how can we-


the first ray of -


come out of -

the window

in early morning;

to-break through -

the darkness,

give us -

warm feeling,

and gentle touch.

UNLESS we like-

four seasons of -


how can we tolerate-

the frozen winter storm,

burning summer day,

screaming spring thunder,

blowing autumn wind…

UNLESS we connect to -

the nature,

how can we -

smell the fresh air;

taste drizzling raindrops...

listen to-

the unspeakable;

see the invisible;

discover patterns,

appreciate -

natural variety.

UNLESS we have-

a fulfilling day,

with enriched experience,

how can we-

feel so soothingly,

watch the sun down,

from further horizon gradually,

And can’t wait for -

the other day coming…

Day by day,

week by week;

growth is -

not possible,

UNLESS we are-

willing to -

move out of -

our comfort zone,

stretch up,

fail forward..

Monthly by month;

year by year;

UNLESS there is -

a disruption,

people very rarely,

move out of-

their comfort zones.

Knowledge is-

useless UNLESS-

we use it to

create fresh;

imagination is -

food for thoughts,


roll it into reality.

Life is a journey,

we don't have -

the same grasp of truth,

UNLESS we can accept-

wholeness of-

our inner self.

We are not -

wise enough


we’ve been through-

up & downs,

taste bitterness,

feel the pain...

But still hold on hopes,

in pursuit of the truth.

How can we growth



We have inner desire,

to understand-

the meaning of life,

what kind of fulfilment -

can we aspire to-


we let things flow


UNLESS we love


how can we-

set our mind free,

be positive,




Decades by decades;

centuries by centuries;

we co-share-

such a wonderful space;

UNLESS we love-

each other,

appreciate our difference;

how can we



believe in ourselves,

and work together,

to renew our planet,

as a beautiful place

to live in….


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