Sunday, June 27, 2021


 The variety of perspectives opens our mind, shifts our personal truth to the approximately universal truth, to reach the state of super consciousness and accelerate our collective progress.

People always say you shouldn't live in the past. But there are valuable lessons to draw on in one's past from time to time. The past holds comforting thoughts in times of great stress or pain. So in some ways the past is always present. It has value. If you stand at the right angle to see from different angles, you know even they are different, but hold part of the truth in it. To understand the past, you need to master perspectivism, Lesson-learned, and then enlightenment.


Just like perception, perspective is a personal “truth”: The secret lies in "imagining" a perspective of the whole coin as you aspire towards truth. If you only know two colors - Black and White; then perceptions are filtered into one of those two dimensions. Your perspective is perhaps a bit tedious without enriched colors, sophisticated themes and tones. You can only know what you know, but there are more dimensions which you don’t know. We live in such a complex world with all sorts of old and new, physical and virtual, fresh knowledge and outdated concepts, it’s important to spark creativity and encourage critical thinking to embrace different perspectives. You don’t need to agree completely with the other side's viewpoint, but you can always gain empathy, insight, and new perspective to see things from the other angle, generate new knowledge and capture great insight.

The digital paradigm shift is multidimensional expansion, changing perspective will change your mind. Your perception affects your world and therefore what you project on the world, which in turn impacts others positively or negatively. With a high level of cognitive maturity, you can bring the long-term perspective, creative perspective or multidimensional perspectives, which perhaps shape you as a visionary who can foresee the future trends; a good communicator who has the ability to make an arguments for opening a new perspective; initiate debating for embracing even the opposite of point of view; an innovator who can come up with better solutions.

The insightful perspective on the past brings us “lessons-learned”: The success of our species over all others came from our ability to accumulate knowledge and learn lessons from the past. You don't just learn from the past to understand the present and predict the future. You learn from the past to "understand" and shape a new perspective by looking back we can understand each other a little more, technically more insightful with less bias; only if we look back without judgment and with the context of historical understanding of the times as they really were and not a romanticized version or a politicized version. Such a historical perspective, could be a little abstract, but to unify us, gain common understanding, sow positive thoughts which doesn't necessarily change the external world, but it does help us see the good that is already there.

To sharpen our professional competency; having” LESSON LEARNED” is an ongoing scenario-what you learned from what you did on a given activity or project, and that could be what you did right or what you did wrong. Either way, to capture the lessons learned as you go along, together with the decision process that led you to make the choice you did since that provides context for the learning, re-introducing the past in a new way and building the bridge to effectively connect lesson-learned from the past to the future performance and unlock potential.

A new digital paradigm arises out of new knowledge, fresh perspective, and enters the Age of Enlightenment: People, either as a human being or a system, are purposeful. Purpose implies intention. The intention, however, is not implicit in any cause-and-effect relationship. In fact, Relating purpose and cause and effect may be useful to gain an understanding of a system or from a hypothesis about a system's behavior. There is a purpose that comes from within, and it means within one’s unconscious and collective unconscious. These are the basic instincts that have a key role in shaping what externally we see as our ideals – enlightenment, love, truth, influence, etc. We have purposes that we associate with outcomes, these are influenced by our unconscious motives and are manifest as goals, objectives etc. We also have purposes that arise from our interactions with others. They too are influenced by unconscious emotions that manifest as social, political, technical values, etc. A new paradigm arises out of new knowledge, such as the “Age of Enlightenment.”

The emergent technologies create a context in which people can collaborate and they are empowered, respected, make collective decisions, and mass collaboration to overcome challenges. Personalization and design wisdom is the new normal. Individually, we climb the intellectual hierarchy by mastering the knowledge cycle of information-knowledge- intelligence-insight-wisdom; collectively, we develop high mature organization that is innovative, energetic, synchronized-open to changes, informative to act, creative to design, nimble to adapt, intelligent to decide, elastic to scale, and resilient to recover. This is the essence of the people-centricity and the symbol of the Age of Enlightenment.

We are experiencing major societal TRANSFORMATION from the industrial machine age to knowledge and creative economy. A digital paradigm is an emerging ecosystem of principles, policies, and practices that set boundaries, not overly rigid; offer guidance for problem-solving or creating something new through a holistic worldview underlying the interdisciplinary theories and methodology of a particular subject. The multitude of digital perspectives help to empower people, enforce iterative communication, and harness cross-boundary collaboration. The variety of perspectives opens our mind, shifts our personal truth to the approximately universal truth, to reach the state of superconsciousness and accelerate our collective progress.


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