Saturday, June 26, 2021


Logic is-the “ripple in the water,” our connection-to the surrounding.
If our thoughts are -

loose beads,

logic is -

the thread to -

wrap them up,

make it a fresh idea,

like a gem,

shining through.

Words by words,

we express our thoughts, 

logic is hidden clue, 

a part of the language,

a deep universal structure;


much as we discover-

mathematical truths.

When solving problems,

logic is-

underling pattern,

we need to-

dig through;

quick logic takes-

our gut,

slow logic use -

our mind;

linear logic adds things up;

linguistic logic touches-

our heart;

logic is the linchpin to-

get things right,

by making -

an appropriate order -



or shuffle up.

Logic is-

the “ripple in the water,”

our connection-

to the surrounding;

there are always-

two sides of coin,

logic lets us,

see them through,

weaves -

our world seamlessly.

If history is-

time river;

logic is-

the bridge to-

connect past,


reveal our evolutionary

journey of humanity;

enter the digital era of-



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