Tuesday, June 15, 2021


The condition of being human is to first find our true identity through self reflection: “who am I.”

Humans realize, given cultivation and other forms of natural and geographical control we try to implement, we have to understand more deeply about ourselves. Reflection is simply to discover a sense of self. 

The mirror-metaphor of reflection has a long tradition in literature, philosophy, psychology, and plays a major role in multiple intellectual concepts worldwide. In western philosophies, the psyche is seen as a mirror of reality. The classical oriental philosophers are well aware, and make use of the metaphor of the heart-mind as a mirror.

In Western psychology, unconscious, subconscious, conscious and superconscious are the four states of mind: Our innate consciousness is basically a state of the ego, the worldly self. The projection of self to the exterior could mean that we try to change the self, or we try to change the exterior. The interaction between the Self/You and the exterior world, which is a projection of you, is” Consciousness” (with capital "C") tries to manifest itself in a way that is unique to you. Freud's unconscious id, ego and superego are system boundaries of the unconscious, Jung's conscious, subconscious and collective unconscious and his/her personality insights deepen the understanding of evolution of consciousness.

Just as a pan of water can be "clear and pure enough to examine the lines on your face" - Xunzi (Ancient Eastern philosopher),: One must have a heart-mind like a mirror in order to learn about the way. Can the heart-mind be clear and pure enough to respond appropriately to learning. and self realization “who do I want to be.” Self-reflection is very important as it provides a person's perceived value through their own lens.

Knowing oneself comes from the practice of actively and intentionally being present to relate to, see all the different parts of oneself and how they operate. The condition of being human is the endless search for the conditions that allows the human to maximize the human potential and bring the human's dreams alive in the shared reality we call life. When people are inspired to discover who they are, their inner genius is empowered to grow into who they want to be, they are often on a unique path to develop their creativity and shape a growth mindset.

"The sage's heart-mind in stillness is the mirror of Heaven and earth, the glass of ten thousand things."- - Zhuangzi, a heart-mind like a mirror constitutes the ideal state of unity. What we project gets reflected back to us. As if standing in a hall of mirrors, we reflect creativity back upon itself and speculate upon its nature, never knowing which image is real and which is the reflection. Each reflection is different in its own environment, yet isomorphic of the others.

All conflict only exists within, and the Law of Reflection states we will project that conflict to find the external reflection of what we look like and in asserting we will never act like them again. Better understand yourselves and how knowing who you are and your own style of influence affect how you respond and interact with your surroundings. It is highly important that people self-reflect and be able not only to describe what they are able to do but also to reflect in a constructive manner how anything could be done in a different way even if a process has been successful. This generates in a person new ideas and is a way how a person can keep him/herself up to the standards required.

Knowing who you are and how you react and respond in different situations can help you understand and improve the cognitive, relational and assertive actions you take on a day to day basis. Self assessment focuses the mind and ensures that everyone has their say, but they should also be open minded to others’ saying and thereby avoid being a victim of situations and circumstances.; so collectively and collaboratively, we could be ourselves, but we could also learn from others. Through empathetic understanding connects the mind and touches the heart, and we could be in the ideal state of unity and harmony.


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