Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Unleash Potential Via Neutralizing

The business becomes more successful when the corresponding learning curve has a reduced uncertainty to a certain point where people desire to learn, share, and produce.

Given “VUCA” digital new normal, today’s businesses are often operational in crisis and conflict environments. They have a very busy business agenda with short term and long term goals that need to be taken care of; emergent issues and existing problems need to be dealt with effectively. Surviving and thriving upon exponential growth of information, fierce competitions, and continuous disruptions requires structural flexibility, inter-relational process, interdisciplinary talent, and effective risk management to reduce business fricitions and handle conflicts or uncertainty smoothly. High mature companies can explore their vision by mining the abundance of information and develop the common ground practices by capturing and neutralizing differences smoothly.

Neutralize bias via perception intelligence without preconceived opinions or being excessively critical: Every situation has choices, every situation has known unknown and unknown unknowns. We all have limited knowledge, considerably living in the small box we are used to, a few wiser ones perhaps can walk across the boxes to deal with many of today’s over-complex problems. The only way we get to understand these is to leverage multidimensional thinking for building perception intelligence to overcome bias, with the goal to handle issues mindfully. Do not always follow the conventional wisdom or be an independent and critical thinker, you can only know what you know, but there are more dimensions which you don’t know. Be open minded with a humble attitude, even if you have all the different angles to consider, the problem may look very different depending on your perception especially nowadays, the circumstances are so fluid, with many variables which intricate problems and cause the business stagnation.

Thus, do not just follow conventional wisdom or only listen to one side’s story. Do not shape preconceived opinions or be excessively critical, continue updating knowledge and gain deep insight. Perception intelligence can be improved in leveraging expanded lenses to neutralize bias, deepening the understanding of issues without preconditioned opinion, random assumption, or outdated knowledge, etc. It’s the willingness and ability to seek out new knowledge and fresh insight to address our ignorance and assumptions we make to minimize it. Encourage independent thinking and facilitate cross-boundary conversations to gain multiple perspectives. If you stand at the right angle to see things holistically, you know even if they are different, but both hold part of the truth in it, so that you can solve problems in a structural way.

Collective potential manifested in appreciating the difference and learning with each other for neutralizing the differences: With the increasing pace of change and shortened business cycle, the only sustainable competitive advantage is the people's learning agility and how quickly they can keep updating knowledge and gain insight. Knowledge and experience from different perspectives are powerful if utilized in the right manner. We gave others what we learned or experienced and sought new knowledge from others or experiences of others. All efforts directed to fill the gap in the water level of our glass. Experience, be it bad or good, has a repository of learnings of "do & don't." Knowledge is neutral and can be used for good and become beautiful or it can be used to harm others and turn ugly. Foresightful organizations develop the culture of learning with the appreciation of the merit of inclusiveness: learn from different channels, transcend information to your own knowledge, and build the organizational soft assets with appreciation of merit of inclusiveness and achievement of business goals effectively.

In management practice, if you want to create a truly high-performance team, you have to understand your people at a deep level, build the culture to encourage creativity and well align the employee’s professional goal with the strategic business goals to ensure the organization is in great shape for maximizing the collective human potential. When people can't formulate their insight with enough precision and they can't communicate that insight effectively and objectively or when experience saturates your mind, you are not open to understanding beyond what you’ve already known, it’s the time to empty your mind to learn, and relearn for neutralizing the differences. Either the fresh thinking or the old thoughts, analyze them, evaluate them and choose the best for the situation. But keep in mind, things keep evolving. It is not necessary that a correct solution in one situation will be correct in all similar situations. When the mind keeps on empowering the differences, with the intention that differences should remain solid, the collective insight and potential are manifested in appreciating, but also neutralizing the differences for making effective decisions

Organizational fit, manifested in accepted and expected behavior, has a way of neutralizing differences: Inwardly, attitude changes are adaptive shifts in thoughts or beliefs that result from looking inside and reflecting. Outwardly, attitude is dependent on whether or not they agree with the direction that they need to go. You need both best fit employees and high-performing teams. In business reality though, sometimes, it’s not easy to bring all talented people and mold them into an effective team. And people need to be intentional about how they enter the role, focusing on understanding, finding a way of neutralizing differences via employee engagement, communication effectiveness, and collaboration coherence. Today’s organizations are multigenerational, multicultural, and multidevicing, all generations need to realize they can learn from each other, instead of assuming they each know everything they need to know to run a successful business with harmony.

In the broader scope, the organizational ecosystem environment is constantly changing, forcing the business to keep adjusting and streamline flow, improve organizational fit via neutralizing mental attitude, and behavior difference, develop their organization as an open ecosystem, engaging customers, channel partners, suppliers, and industry ecosystem participants as active agents who can combine the modular capabilities exposed in a platform to create new experiences, and spark innovation.

The business becomes more successful when the corresponding learning curve has a reduced uncertainty to a certain point where people desire to learn, share, and produce; the management are eager to break down bureaucracy, leading proactively and becoming really creative on how they architect and orchestrate a seamless digital transformation, to unlock collective potential.


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