Friday, July 12, 2019

The Monthly Learning and Innovating Summary July 2019

To create the new requires not just one skill, but many, not just old experience, but new perspectives.

High organizational learning relates to high response in recognizing and addressing system constraints, adapt to the ever-changing environment. With the increasing pace of changes and cutting throat competitions, to effectively respond to the digital dynamics, either individually or collectively, continuous learning becomes an important skill for skill building and prerequisite of developing changeability.

               Learning and Innovating Summary

How to Fine Tune a Digital Learning Organization Digital means the increasing speed of change and hyper-connected, always-on businesses. Change Management in high mature organizations are no longer just a one-time business initiative, but an ongoing business capability. Change Management and Strategy Management need to go hand-in-hand. But more specifically, how to manage change effectively to improve its success rate, and how to fine-tune a digital learning organization?

Closing the Gaps of Enterprise’s Learning Capability Information abundance is one of the most important characteristics of the digital era. Being learning agile becomes one of the most important qualities for today’s digital leaders and professionals due to the abundance of information and shortened knowledge life cycle. In digital leading organizations, the division between 'working' and 'learning' is replaced by combining and integrating 'working, thinking and learning at the operational level, where people do the real work by unifying mind, heart, and hands. At the individual level, learning agility differentiates high potential from mediocre; at the organizational level, learning agility directly impacts on the top line business growth and the strategic capabilities such as change and innovation.

Three Aspects on How Collective Learning Fosters Innovation? We live in the information and knowledge economy, today’s digital professionals are hard workers, knowledge workers, and creative workers, who are exploring, innovating and evolving to new digital paradigm proactively in a continuous way. To create the new requires not just one skill, but many, not just old experience, but new perspectives. Collective learning rejuvenates the organizational culture and foster innovation.

Learning agility? Today’s workforce is more global, flexible and virtual as the world becomes so hyper-connected and over complex, especially the speed of change is accelerating in the digital era, learning agility is not only the very quality of digital leaders but also the fundamental requirement for all digital professionals, in order to keep the mind open; make the skills updated and continue to build the dynamic digital capabilities to compete for the future. So how can digital leaders cultivate a working environment where learning is encouraged and rewarded, and creativity flourishes? What is the best way to create an environment where innovation can blossom? Is there a global solution, or is every organization different?

Knowledge as the Business Consciousness and Intangible Asset of the Organizations Knowledge is power; knowledge is more intangible, complex and dynamic compared to the physical asset. Due to the exponential growth of information, the multitude of information format, and risk/compliance concerns; managing knowledge becomes more challenging but critical for running a smart business. Knowledge Management should take a holistic approach by thinking knowledge as the business consciousness and treating knowledge as an intangible asset of the organization.

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