Sunday, July 7, 2019

Unlocking the Superconscious State of the Digital Organization

A high mature digital organization is a self-regulating and self-adaptive system which is able to reconfigure its own structure and change its own behavior during the execution of its adaptation for responding to environmental changes proactively.

Human beings all experience the primary forms of unconsciousness, subconsciousness, consciousness, and super conscious. The digital era mean increasing pace of changes and abundant information. Collectively, from the organizational evolutionary lens, it’s imperative to awaken the information-based changing consciousness of the business by understanding of how things have come together, being “built,” as well as why change is needed. To reach the high level of organizational maturity, how to build a transcendent business by unlocking the super-conscious state of the digital business?

Gaining business consciousness via self-assessment: Organizations become “unconscious” when they are no longer responding to the external environment and lagging behind change curves. Thus, to keep the business relevant, it’s important to make an objective self-assessment of how the organization meets the needs of customers and doesn’t waste time doing things not mattering, Running a conscious business means that the organization can make conscious business choices and deliver the high quality products/services/solutions to delight customers and build the differentiated organizational competency. Gaining the business consciousness is not so easy because it’s so much easier to look at what someone else may need to change than to look inward. The conscious organization can do a SWOT analysis, develop their unique strength for reaching the value proposition, also strengthen their weakest link for implementing the strategy seamlessly.

Self-adaptation: Digital means continuous disruptions, rapid changes, and shortened knowledge life cycle. With rapid changes and continuous disruptions, a self-adaptive capability is generally a requirement within digital business systems. The majority of organizations indeed seek opportunities to improve itself. It is possible to see what enables a self-adaptive organism is an information-driven process feeding and sustaining it to gain the business consciousness. How successful the organization can handle digital disruption depends on how fast and capable they can process information and adapt to changes with incremental consciousness as well as how proactively they can possibly apply themselves in the dynamic business world to drive changes. The high-responsive organization is highly conscious about what's happening in their environment, learn to stay alerted, observe with subtlety and respond fast, grasp opportunities and prevent risks effectively. From the management perspective, self-adaptation is faster if made with the full involvement of people in organizational change. People are able to adapt themselves and their organization through a collaborative and peer to peer approach, create management structures and processes that support self-adaptive problem-solving.

Self-regulation and self renewal: With super consciousness, organizations will be able to let themselves think not only of what exists (conscious and subconscious), how they exist in the business world, being in the business world (conscious), reach the state of subconscious via autonomy and becoming superconscious - how to change the business or the world. Super conscious will act on how you see things as they could be (superconscious). This, then, is what makes them different, they go against the inherent old habit in striving for a higher goal. To unlock the superconscious state of the digital organization, the business needs to focus on creating the right organizational culture so that people can thrive to reach their own super-conscious state, take ownership of their processes and believe better-than-expected results. Understand the people and the organization through a common lens, and then, make it possible to turn the organization into “superconscious mode” with informativeness, creativity, and harmony. Running self-organizing business does not mean chaos, it means to build the cornerstone of self-regulating business, encourage transparency, and improve innovation capacity.

The purpose of self-assessment, self-adaptation, self-organizing and self-improvement business performance cycle is about inspiring authenticity, nurturing growth mindset, building trust, and encouraging creativity for unlocking the superconscious state of the digital organization. A high mature digital organization is a self-regulating and self-adaptive system which is able to reconfigure its own structure and change its own behavior during the execution of its adaptation for responding to environmental changes proactively in thriving as high-performance businesses.


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