Friday, November 27, 2020

Isn’t Nature Amazing?

Despite all of our differences, nature is effortless, in a creative harmony. 

Nature is beautiful,
and versatile.

There are roaring waves from-
blue ocean;
deep echoes through-
grand valleys;
calming quiet on-
the mountain tops;
and hidden oasis at-

the endless deserts…

Nature is colorful
with four seasons of-
plants green in-
the early spring,
variety of flowers at-
the summer garden,
golden harvest,
and whitening Christmas.

Nature is energetic,
breezing wind,
pouring rain,
clouds fly.
snowflakes dance uniquely,
and icebergs bounce,
back and forth freely.

Insects buzzing,
animal running,
people chatting,
birds sounding-
their own symphony…
All is a total gift of-
 nature to all us. …

Nature is harmonious,
with variety of species,
aligning with one another,
in such a space,
all that is present,
is different from
each other,
but similar….
coexisting timelessly.

Shining stars,
silver moon;
beautiful landscapes with-
sun rise, sunset,
take our breath away…

Speaking of nature is-
a merger of -
individual consciousness with-
the consciousness of nature.
It has no language,
it is the connectivity of-
that universal consciousness,
we share with-
everything in-
the ecosystem,
from the smallest subatomic particles to
the galaxy and beyond.

Despite all of our differences,
nature is effortless,
in a creative harmony.


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