Sunday, November 1, 2020

Leadership Refreshment & Maturity

Leadership is not about who is ahead, but who has the vision to see further with clarity. The future is in our hands. We have to reinvent what leadership is with new approaches to collective intelligence.

Leadership is the ability to influence with or without authority. The power of effective leadership depends on a number of factors such as the purpose to lead, multidimensional intelligence, the mix of knowledge and experience, the quality of information they receive and their collective leadership ability to operate as a team. 

With exponential growth of information and continuous disruptions, the 20th century’s stereotyped “command & control” leadership style at hierarchical pyramid-like organization is neither sufficient nor complete. Leadership innovation is a prototyping practice, organizations need to keep experimenting, and exploring with audacity. Here are multiple perspectives of leadership refreshment and maturity.

Inquisitive leadership: In the static Industrial Age with knowledge scarcity and a considerably silo working environment, leaders perhaps think they should have all the answers to controlling the situation. But nowadays, businesses become over-complex and extremely uncertain, knowledge cycle is significantly shortened. More often, framing the right questions to ask or defining the real problems to solve is more challenging than finding the answers with conventional wisdom or solving problems mechanically. There is a strategic value of understanding businesses and being able to ask open-ended questions that evoke responses to enlighten or illustrate specific issues or topics. Leadership competency is based on the soundness of judgment and decision effectiveness for solving problems effectively.

Great leadership is an ability to be able to not only ask the right questions but understand the context. Leadership is situational, there is the time you need to lead ahead and facilitate answers, there’s the time you might need to lead from behind, and ask insightful questions to voice through a broader base of audience and make influence on any interesting subject seamlessly. The art of questioning is to stimulate critical thinking and ignite innovative thinking in order to break down conventional wisdom and find better answers. There is a surging need which is related to the realization that the gap is widening because people adapt to changes with different speed. Great leaders are great educators who share knowledge with passion. Great leaders are great educators who test class by asking questions and seek a variety of reasonable answers. Great leaders are great educators who instill the values by being a role model.

Cross-boundary leadership: The world has been interwoven through the internet and the latest technologies, leadership now becomes more open and trans-disciplinary, influential and innovative. Cross-boundary (cross-cultural, cross-industrial, cross-functional) leadership becomes new normal. The digital leadership effectiveness is not based on how loudly you can speak, but how profoundly you can influence both horizontally and vertically. A top leader needs to have broad business acumen, deep expertise in the specific field, transdisciplinary knowledge, and cross-functional experiences in order to have a holistic perspective and lead effectively.

The digital era upon us is about hyperdiversity and innovation. Human societies need to get more understanding and mastering the natural ecosystem, the ocean, the mountain, the valley and the sky, so we need leaders who can swim like fish, or fly like a bird...we need more diversified and versatile leadership to balance, voice, and serve. A cross-boundary leader needs to be able to facilitate and orchestrate these differences, values, cultures, and gain a profound understanding of the business ecosystem. At the global scope, cross-boundary leadership is a bridge to connect cognizant differences, engage the diversified talent and reframe the new business model, improve culture intelligence, and embody effective communication in networks of global conversations that inspire creativity in diverse domains of expertise and evoke positive emotions. Contemporary leadership skills required for professionals in any organization must be built on the foundation of the moral competencies –wisdom, justice, courage, and temperance, etc.

Intrapreneurship Leadership: While there are many components of leadership, one of the most important ones is the ability to adapt, model and influence changes. The management of the previous generation have brought authority, idealism and efficiency, sometimes hierarchy, and egotism, their philosophy might be the game of “WIN”; then the future of leadership could be more open, entrepreneurial, and collaborative. Intrapreneurship is a unique combination of “being innovative” and high mature leadership behaviors that develop and achieve high quality and meaningful results over a sustained period of time. Organizations no matter large or small, all face unprecedented change, uncertainty, and accelerated business dynamic. Intrapreneurship is about discovering the new path for digital transformation and balancing innovation with other organizational priorities.

Intrapreneur leaders are not only self-motivated but also motivate teams to cultivate change capabilities, encourage the staff to think out-of-the-box, and enforce “ownership” mentality. The Intrapreneur leaders give the freedom to employees to do anything new and even if it fails, they learn from it and grow only to make better products or services in the future. Practicing intrapreneurship means to harness changes, cultivate an innovative culture and learn to generate more novel ideas in diverse teams. Intrapreneur leaders understand that it is the process, instead of maintaining hierarchy or status quo, will create and enforce the collective mindset of creativity through systematic Innovation Management.

Leadership is not about who is ahead, but who has the vision to see further with clarity. The future is in our hands. We have to reinvent what leadership is with new approaches to collective intelligence. The authentic leadership, like a compass, leads the right direction with sound judgment, clear vision, creativity, empathy, humility and shared human values. It is imperative that leadership effectiveness manifest respect, caring, trust-building and cognizance to be able to reach the leadership profundity.


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