Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Hong Kong with Beautiful Scenery of Pacific Ocean

I went to quite a few interesting places, took advantage of different transportation tools and passed through one of the longest bridges connecting Hong Kong and Macau.

I flew from Tokyo to Hong Kong to participate in exhibitions and conferences. The weather was transiting from 2 degree winter time to 20 degree Fahrenheit spring summer day. The passengers on the flight started changing clothes when the flight almost arrived in Hong Kong,  taking off the thick winter coat and wore shirts or even shorts only. 

In the Airport Express shuttle bus I saw the beautiful Pacific Ocean at the moment of sunset, the stars started rising up and the street light started to light up; the ships moved promptly at the sea and the skyscrapers stood solidly, guarding over the ocean. Hong Kong is charming as it always does.

In the morning of the second day. I walked across the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade on the Victoria Harbor. It’s a beautiful sunshine warm day, the ocean looks calm and translucent, the landmark architectural buildings standing around the oceanfront are well designed; the surroundings were quiet as shops and restaurants were not open yet. There were very few people in the park. It truly demonstrated “the elegance of solitude and “harmony of nature ” theme.

I walked through the park and visited the Hong Kong science museum. There were environmental science sections, space science, nature history section, chemistry experiments demonstration, science fiction section, etc. But I did not see any robots cheering us up. I know Hongkongers are very proud of their robot design. Where are they, I look forward to seeing them in the future

The history museum nearby was not open, I was a bit disappointed, then I saw the big two-layer bus going to Macau port, so I jumped on and decided to visit Macau, the cross border city of Hong Kong with some shared pacific ocean coast scene. There is a great river bridge which is about 35 miles long connecting Hong Kong and Macau; it made the cross border transportation much easier, we should truly appreciate those human made miracles.

I walked around downtown Macau, had lunch; it’s the modern city mixing old and new, lots of renovation projects going on. I also took the local bus to pass through the city. As the schedule was tight, I didn't get the chance to visit a few tourist hotspots and took the ferry going back to Hong Kong.

The water bus trip made me think about Venice in which I spent a couple of days there in November. Local people there use the ferry as the major transportation tool like taking buses in other cities. Here in Asia, people are more cautious, there are complete safety procedures and equipment available on the waterway trips.

It was a fulfilling day; as I went to quite a few interesting places and used different transportation tools and passed through one of the longest bridges connecting Hong Kong and Macau. People are friendly across the border. Overall speaking we live in the modern world with natural beauty and human made miracles.


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