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Change Management needs to be the multidimensional management approach which has to be woven into processes, structures, communications, cultures, and actions of the organization.

The pervasive information growth and frequent disruptions means change is the norm and happens the whole time. The speed of change is accelerating. Either individually or from an organizational perspective, managing change is no longer a one-time initiative, Change Management turns out to be a strategic ongoing capability in today’s business dynamics.

It’s important to identify change agents who can initiate and sustain changes relentlessly: Each person has their own change curve and as a change agent, you should learn how to drive change proactively rather than adapting to change only. It’s critical to motivate people to acquire relevant knowledge, develop changeability, and then truly make change happen. 

There is the right timing for change, right people leading changes, and right reasons for changes. Changing too slowly could stifle growth. Change too fast perhaps has difficulty in sustaining the result - only change behaviors manually, not change the mindset behind it. For business changes, change managers know the cost of implementing the change; they know the value of anticipated benefits and deliverables.

It's important to understand how change capabilities are underpinned by change processes, people, and technology: Ineffective processes & tools slow down the speed of change, waste time and resources. Dynamic change management requires much more effective collaboration and optimized processes. Effective change management is underpinned by great people, cohesive processes and efficient technology for minimizing cost, time and risk whilst maximizing scalable solutions.

In practice, accomplish change by identifying the pain points through well-developed processes. It means to make a radical shift from a silo and linear classic management style to holistic solution. Change management is an ongoing business capability with multi-stepped processes that include both change resolution and change management disciplines and practices.

It’s important to make an objective assessment of whether change efforts achieve the expected business results: You can only manage what you measure. The majority of Change Management fail because of poor performance management. It’s important to establish a future state and understand the intended outcome of the future state. At the end of the day, change is never for its own sake, it’s about business improvement or innovation.

The lack of accountability keeps companies from reaching their potential. Subtracting cost from anticipated value gives people or organizations a net anticipated value of the change if fully and successfully implemented. that you need management to sponsor and reinforce the change initiatives. Change Management needs to be the multidimensional management approach which has to be woven into processes, structures, communications, cultures, and actions of the organization.

In today's over-complex work environment, change is happening at a more rapid pace. Change Management, therefore, should be an adequate, logical, and systematic effort to any environmental shift. If you make change part of your operation routine, then change becomes easier to deal with, and even become an ongoing core business capability.


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