Tuesday, January 30, 2024


Global leaders and professionals should embrace different perspectives, develop a clear vision, clarify common values, and build trust in a dynamic, global working environment.

We co-share this beautiful planet with billions of people; global vision has broadened perspectives, global wisdom has enriched context, global value is multifaceted; global culture has deep historical roots. So constant knowledge refinement and continuous re-imagination of a global society is crucial to expedite collective progress and drive changes for advancing humanity.

Global vision: We all know the saying: "We must be the change we wish to see in the world." Global leaders and professionals need to shape a clear vision and seek out collective potential they can unleash to shape the future of global society. It requires us to be willing to listen to diverse viewpoints and broaden our perspective to fix misperceptions. Forethoughtful globalists should broaden the view of global society, connect interdisciplinary dots across the global scope, ensure that the vision can be translated into the forward-thinking mindset and collective activities from leaders to the rest of the organization, help people stay focused, and drive the changes we all would like to see in the world.

Global value: The global environment is dynamic and uncertain, global citizens are experiencing the same world but perhaps perceive it subjectively. There is a disconnect between different generations of people, there are cognitive differences and there are cultural gaps. To bridge differences, it’s critical to deepen understanding of the diverse world and set a directional guide for solving complex problems in a global scope structurally.

Global professionals today need to understand the values of worldwide citizens; develop vision, empathy, and cohesion, and articulate a set of clearly defined values that they can bring to the table, such as inclusiveness, respect, trust, empathy, fairness, etc. They can abstract abundant information into fresh insight; and leverage advanced technologies and collaboration platforms to share ideas and clarify common values. They demonstrate the mindset, attitude, and behavior consistency in conveying those values clearly.

Global collaboration: Because nowadays, problems become more complex, problem-solving needs to take an interdisciplinary approach. In reality, there are still numerous problems that need to be solved collaboratively. It’s important to realize the clarified vision through collective efforts; open up fresh ideas for collaboration, bring invaluable inputs, and help the development of those ideas to innovative solutions.

Collaboration does create a sense of belonging; it’s important to break down silos, cultivate the zest for generating new ideas, seek out help and harness mass collaboration, focus on commercially relevant compounds, and achieve common global value, to come up with innovative solutions.

Conventional wisdom or common beliefs have their own limitations nowadays as the speed of changes is accelerated. Global leaders and professionals should embrace different perspectives, develop a clear vision, clarify common values, and build trust in a dynamic, global working environment, in which all sorts of components and ingredients are integrated into the global capacity to make a significant impact on advancing human society.


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