Wednesday, January 24, 2024


Run, grow, transform, keep the right balance, improving and creating multifaceted value constantly.

We live in a diverse and dynamic global society with a multigenerational, multi device workforce, multipolar knowledge centers, multi-cultural wisdom, and multifaceted innovation, etc. 

The journey of globalization is more evolutionary than revolutionary; curvature than the straight line. It is critical to strike the right balance, think big and small; understand both narrow and wide, assess both low and high; put a stronger emphasis on empowering people, refining information & knowledge; catalyzing innovation, to reach the next level of business maturity.

Small & Big: We live in a small, flatter world due to hyperconnectivity and interdependence. The pervasive information growth and frequent disruptions means change is the norm and happens the whole time. With blurred territories and abundant information, Big Data is about those small tweaks that might help to solve big business problems. It’s important to discover the leverage to scale up.

Start small and create a core team and in the process, identify resources from other areas that can assist with the big data analysis initiative preferably in a function of the companies to implement for developing the business competency. Discover those critical bits and bytes, filter out the noise of big data in order to make sound big judgments, achieve business value, and improve customer satisfaction.

Narrow & Wide: The internet and collaborative platforms and tools flatten the world to a certain degree, it requires us to be willing to listen to diverse viewpoints, broaden the perspective to fix misperceptions, diagnose the real problems in order to solve them smoothly. Organizations have limited budgets, resources and skill sets, while the management has lots of things going on in their agenda. Without prioritizing scientifically, they couldn’t narrow down the most crucial issues that need to be fixed, assign proper resources and talent to make real change happen. Also, in order to narrow down to the right issues practically, people need to broaden their vision and have a wider perspective for shaping a big picture of what they plan to solve strategically.

Usually “why” and “what” are wider, why “how, where, when, who, ” is narrow. After clarifying why to change which implies what to change somehow, they need to figure out where to change for generating ripple effects or creating the leverage to accelerate changes. To get value from big data. Especially those "deep and broad data sets”; you must add contextual information and place analytical capability in the hands of those who need it, taken from the world of critical bits and bytes and converted into real insight & foresight for real businesspeople. Business leaders and professionals need to continue learning, broaden their perspective on varying issues, narrow down their focus, to improve problem-solving effectiveness and efficiency.

Low & High:
To stretch up and reach high, we might need to crunch down and be humble. Either individually or professionally, we need to keep learning, growing, innovating, to build the high level of professional competency. To achieve high performance results, the vision needs to be high enough, but it’s also important to grab some low hanging fruit. Pay more attention to the scope, status, talent, and resources. Organizations that achieve the seamless alignment, integration, collaboration, and synchronization will outperform their competitors and tend to be highly responsive to the business dynamic

A high level of autonomy is the symbol of digital maturity at an individual, team, or organizational level. “Low” doesn’t mean low morality, but means humility. High vision, long-term perspective, objective perception often come from the mind with the high level of cognitive maturity which means high spirit and humble attitude; big picture and laser focus for leading transformational changes.

The business world has shifted from industrial age to information age, now in the digital era, the fundamentals of management concepts are still the same. The high mature digital organization can bring a greater awareness of intricacies, and systematic understanding of people dynamics, resource alignment, and technological impact. Run, grow, transform, keep the right balance, improving and creating multifaceted value constantly.


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