Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Light of Symphony in Hong Kong

Ships ran through -the star ferry promptly; people hung around- in the hustling streets; the lights were shining brighter than -the stars; isn’t Hong Kong the city of –sleepless?

The sun was set,

stars began to-

rise up;

the sky was decorated by -

colorful clouds;

tropical trees stretched up

opening their arms to -

greet tourists,

from the world, friendly.

We stood up on -

the podium of -

Victoria harbor,

watched over the Pacific Ocean

flowing forward, calmly;

smelled the water of aroma,

feel the touch from -

the night wind gently;

Hong Kong’s winter is-

like spring,

warm, bloom, with a delight.


the light of -

symphony started to-

play at eight;

the city of

Hong Kong danced with-

dazzling light,

showed her influential charm,

at night;

what a wonderful scene,

at a time.

Laser jazz jumped -

on and off;

back and forth;

take the tempo of -

this global city;

illustrate the harbor garden, brilliantly;

Tsim Sha Tsui promenade immerse into -

the world of light,

flourish with brightened style;

skylines reflected in -

the ocean,

mirroring blossoms and busts of-

this Asian colony;

Hong Kong’s eyes blink across -

the coast, curiously;

Pacific Ocean flew over, endlessly;

ran through -

thousands of years of -

human history, timelessly.

Ships ran through -

the star ferry promptly;

people hung around-

at the hustling streets;

the lights are shining

brighter than -

the stars;

Isn’t Hong Kong the city of –



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