Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Journey for Visiting Europe

From the West to the East hemisphere, we co-share this beautiful planet. As humans, we are more the same than different. 

n mid-January, I wrapped up the 22-city visit tour in Europe, and took a flight across the Pacific Ocean, heading to Tokyo Japan. 

This winter I have had a fulfilling journey visiting twenty-two cities across Europe;  most of the time took various public transport tools: airplanes, trains, or buses to visit many cities with deep anthropological roots and cultural enrichment

I went to Frankfurt to participate in one of the biggest book fairs in the world, also went to Berlin, Munich, and Heidelberg Germany, visiting their famous architectural landmarks, science, art, and history museums; walking through the trendy streets; enjoying the botanical gardens and tasting their local bakery and food. I hope I can follow our common ancestors, take the philosophical path, and gain global insight. 

After that, I flew to London England,  impressed by its metropolitan global city atmosphere and enriched cultural vibes. I also visited Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Salisbury etc. I gained knowledge about those ivy towns and visited respectful author Jane Austen’s hometown. I visited college campuses; went to varying parks; passed through different river banks; walked across churches, city halls, big streets, or small alleys up and down, and explored the quintessential of historic heritage or local legendary stories.

Then, I visited Paris and nearby towns, the grandeur museums squares and fashionable streets, ruly attract numerous tourists to come every year. The enriched art and big city surroundings brought us some clues about the European style of culture and human evolution pathway.

I also visited Switzerland which is famous for its snowy mountains. But I went to the urban cities of Geneva and Zurich; enjoying Swan Lake and the peaceful charm of Geneva. Unbelievably, swans are my companion on Thanksgiving day. I also went to the commercial hub Zurich on a black Friday rainy day, passing through their mother river Zurich, and enjoyed the holiday theme in the city. 

I visited a few famous cities in Italy with natural beauty and human creativity: Milan’s Galleria, Venice's water buses and river scenes, Rome’s architectural buildings; Bolzano snow mountain scenery, etc all of which drew great pictures of their nation. 

I spent a few days in Brussels, Belgium.  It was full of holiday fairy tale themes with Christmas markets and ornaments, fictional figures, and giant castles. It was so amazing that I met lovely swans again in England and I saw quite a few beautiful swan lakes in London recently, making my Christmas holiday cheerful. 

 It’s time to say goodbye. I took European airlines and stopped over in Helsinki, Finland which claimed itself as the happiest nation in the world. I bought the boxes of chocolate as gifts and will visit here again in the future. 

I landed in Tokyo safely with a smooth overnight trip. From West to East hemisphere, we co-

share this beautiful planet. As humans, we are more the same than different. I will go back and forth between East and West frequently. I hope I can visit all continents soon. As a passenger, I appreciate global strangers' help.  As a globalist, I’ll continue my journey to explore the unknown and bridge the world of differences.


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