Sunday, January 14, 2024


 Passengers travel around, come and go; to bridge-here and there, east and west, dynamically.

We are -

all passengers at -

different stations in -

various places;

leaving footprints to-

where we go,

heading towards-

diverse destinations,

we’d like to reach.

How exciting we become,

when going to the fresh places,

arrive in new destinations,

take adventures;

explore surroundings

putting hopes to -

grasp new opportunities,

achieve something,

exceeding our expectations…

How anxious,

we might turn to be,

when getting in -

the strange places,

met strange people,

speak strange linguistics,

eat strange meals,

handle strange situations,


can we tolerate -

the world of difference,

enjoy the edge of -


across the blurred line of ambiguity

to be -

a forward-looking passenger open-mindedly?

We live in -

an advanced world with-

abundant information;

digital technology;

passengers navigate-

the world of roads skillfully;

what if they got misled

headed to wrong directions;

can they make an inquiry to

global strangers

giving their hands friendly?

Passengers travel around

come and go;

to bridge-

here and there,

east and west,


they dress differently,

speak differently

see things differently,

set diverse tones;.

refresh new energy to-


the world significantly.

We are-

all passengers on -

the journey being called life;

feel comfortable to -

be who you are;

go the places,

you want to reach,

discover unknown to -

fulfill your intellectual curiosity

should you take -

a detour

met strangers,

you never met

learn the languages,

you didn’t understand;

from local to global

set your own paces to -

move forward,

make influence, inspirationally


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