Friday, September 27, 2019

The Best “Problem-Framing” Quotes of “Digital Master” Sep. 2019

Framing the right problem more often needs to step back or get out of the box, in order to look at the problem from a different angle or understand the issues holistically.

"Digital Master is a series of guidebooks (28 + books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digital is making to the businesses and society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” It perceives the emergent trends of digital leadership, provides advice on how to run a digital organization to unleash its full potential and improve agility, maturity, and provide insight about Change Management. It also instructs the digital workforce on how to shape a game-changing digital mindset and build the right set of digital capabilities to compete for the future. Here is a set of “Problem-framing” quotes in “Digital Master.

1 It’s important to first frame the problems, fixing the wrong cause of a problem is creating gaps, wasting time and energy.

2 Problem-solving includes both framing the right problem and solve it in the right way. A solution is nothing if the problem is not perceived comprehensively.

3 Framing the right problem more often needs to step back or get out of the box, in order to look at the problem from a different angle or understand the issues holistically.

4 There are often multiple and inter-related dynamics behind complex problems and it’s critical to leverage effective tools, methodologies, or practices to frame the right problems.

5 The point is, framing the right problem is equally or even more important than solving it.

6 When you are able to frame the right problem, you already did half the job of solving it.

7 To frame the right problems, it’s the importance of framing the multidimensional thinking mindset first to identify critical business issues or spot emerging problems via interdisciplinary ecosystem lens.

8 It is a critical stage and it’s worthwhile considering why things are the way they are for, in doing so, you are challenging automatic assumptions that something needs 'fixing.'

9 For solving complex problems, leveraging Systems Thinking for problem framing helps to see a larger system with interactive pieces and “conflict” goals.


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