Saturday, September 14, 2019

The Monthly “Digital Fit” Book Tuning: The Characteristics of Digital Fit Organization Sep. 2019

Organizations have to stretch out in every business dimension for driving the full-fledged digital transformation.

The purpose of Digital Fit: Manifest Future of Business with Multidimensional Fit is to share insight about multidimensional enterprise fit from digital characteristics, organizational structure, change, knowledge, and talent perspectives; evoke critical and paradoxical thinking about digital “fit vs. misfit,” spark healthy debates on how to define and develop true digital fit, and build a fitting working environment to inspire creativity and accelerate digital transformation.


The Characteristics of Digital Fit Organization 

The Characteristics of “Digital Fit” Organization The digital organization has the very characteristics of velocity, complexity, hyper-connectivity, interdependence, and diversification, etc. It’s a living thing which needs to keep evolving and strike the delicate balance of growth and stability. Different organizations perhaps set varying criteria to evaluate “digital fit.” Here are five characteristics of digital fit organization.

Three Aspects of Organizational Digital Fit The digital business dynamic is full of uncertainty, velocity, complexity, ambiguity, information overloading, fierce competitions, and continuous disruptions, etc. The companies today have to move fast; the functional, geographical, organizational, and even industrial border are blurred, marketing, finance, technology, leadership, and talent are all intertwined. It’s important to work out a smooth strategy and business transformation by assessing the digital fit of the organization objectively and utilizing collective knowledge and experience to build competitive business advantage.

Three "A"ttributes of High-Mature Digital Organizations With the exponential growth of information and increasing pace of changes, the world keeps on turning, spinning, and innovating around you, and there will be new technologies, new perspectives, new approaches, new tools, new people that will have an impact on your team and your organization almost every day. What are important attributes and characteristics of high-mature digital organizations, and how to develop unique business competency to groom more digital masters?
Three Fitting Characteristics to Make the Business Stand out as a Digital Master With rapid changes and exponential growth of information, companies large or small are brainstorming the digital ways to think and experiment the better way to solve either old business issues or emergent problems, delight customers, improve employees’ engagement, increase productivity, and inspire creativity across the enterprise ecosystem. Organizations have to stretch out in every business dimension for driving the full-fledged digital transformation. So, what are fitting characteristics to make the business stand out as a digital leader and reach a high level of business maturity?

The New Book “Digital Fit - Manifest Future of Business with Multidimensional Fit” Chapter 1 Introduction: The Characteristics of Digital Fit Digital organizations are increasingly exhibiting digital characteristics in various shades and intensity. They are hyper-connected and over-complex, with well-mixed physical workplace and virtual team setting. Like people, every organization has its own personality and digital fit characteristics, how do you define organizational fit, in order to build innovative and high-performing teams and transform the whole organization into the digital master?
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