Tuesday, April 19, 2022


Leadership comes in many shades of character. The substance of leadership never changes, it’s all about a clear vision and a planned attitude of the free mind, risk-taking spirit, and exemplary behaviors.

Today’s internet-based world is much more hyper-connected and interdependent with the exponential growth of information, and continually evolves an ever-expanded ecosystem. Digital workforce is diverse both from heart and mind, not just the outlook on the surface.

 Leadership becomes more complex as there is frustration in the process of leadership perhaps coming from an element of dissonance or disagreement. There is an agreement in the selected vision, values, purpose and plan. leaders need to continue learning, broaden their perspective on varying issues, and improve leadership effectiveness and maturity.

Leadership impartiality: We live in a world with a mix of physical and virtual, order and chaos, freedom and discipline, opportunity and risk, overloaded with dynamic aspects, stacking of tolerances, and variability, etc. To be fair and less judgmental takes self-awareness, insight, discernment, tolerance and inclusiveness. An impartial and holistic perspective can help business leaders identify and close blind spots by looking around the corner and beneath the surface, solve real problems, not just fix symptoms.

We all have unconscious biases, believe it or not. A more discerning individual is better equipped to make considerably fair judgments. Perception is sometimes a false reality. The best you can do for improving objectivity and gaining impartial perspective is to be consciously aware that information could be filtered, perception is often subjective. It’s important to embrace diverse viewpoints and explore different ways to fix misperception problems. A balanced viewpoint is crucial to overcome extreme thinking or action. Impartiality is a leadership mentality as it takes multi level thinking practices to gain wisdom, make judgment or decisions based on unbiased fact, dispassionate examination, and deep observation.

Leadership inquisitiveness:
Nowadays, leadership is more about influencing, coaching and orchestration, rather than command-control. Inquisitiveness leads to the vision, vision further drives inquisitiveness to see things differently. Top leaders need to be inquisitive, informative and innovative. The leader simply coaches the team along the way, including asking more questions as necessary. By doing so, you've led them to easily buy-in on the direction to follow. Asking the right questions to attract multiple perspectives is perhaps more important than providing some single-minded answers.

The superior execution requires the leaders’ inquisitiveness to dig through the root cause and explore innovative problem-solving. Inquisitiveness stimulates imagination; amplifies influence. Inquisitive leaders navigate their leadership through continuous asking insightful questions, deepening understanding the complexity and guiding people through it; finding common ground and initiating open dialogues to turn around the tough situations, and enjoying the challenges of complex problem-solving.

Leadership integration
: Many organizations that get stuck at the lower level of maturity are divided by so many gaps across leadership, management, and innovation, etc. It’s important to integrate hard and soft skills, interdisciplinary knowledge and multi-dialect fluency into leadership competency. Great leadership is only achieved once a leader has fully integrated themselves via deep introspective work and has the willingness to do this. 

There are hard core leadership components such as interdisciplinary knowledge expertise and multicore professional competency. There are also soft leadership ingredients such as communication and reputation. Also, leadership influence and management discipline mutually reinforce each other. In fact, leadership and management, in fact, are two sides of the same coin; you can't get an organization to perform by using one side. It is imperative to integrate leadership and management into a successful business transformation formula.

Leadership comes in many shades of character. The substance of leadership never changes, it’s all about a clear vision and a planned attitude of the free mind, risk-taking spirit, and exemplary behaviors. There are those who seek the justification of leadership via virtuous qualities. There are those who amplify leadership influence via communication and orchestration. Effective leadership is a good combination of substances plus styles, psychologically, philosophically and methodologically. Vision, intention, and wisdom need to be woven seamlessly to build great leadership.


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