Monday, January 21, 2019

Creativity and Authenticity

Authenticity fosters creativity, and creativity expresses authenticity. 
Being authentic is the state of self-consciousness, self-discovery, and self-improvement. It seems everyone who considers authenticity has his or her own view of it. It is a construct formed in the mind and we know that the mind of every individual is different, the actual mental understanding and subsequent manifestations in action will be different for each individual. Does being authentic give you the courage to be creative? Or actually, creativity seems to make your life more authentic, in pursuit of “Who you are.” What are the intricate links between creativity and authenticity?

On the broadest level, creativity is embodied in the act of creating a self, through narrative, the creation of a “Self Story”: If we can live authentically, in a way that is true to ourselves, this in itself is creative. “Self" is that level of existence which is the genuine substance of who we are. This is the most fundamental creative effort we make. Knowing oneself comes from the practice of actively and intentionally being present to relate to, see all the different parts of oneself and how they operate. As if standing in a hall of mirrors, we reflect creativity back upon itself and speculate upon its nature never knowing which image is real and which is the reflection. It seems creativity reflects itself without revealing its true nature. Each reflection is different in its own environment, yet isomorphic of the others. The capability of being humanity starts with being able to really look and feel inside, "who am I really." When people are inspired to discover who they are, their inner genius is empowered to grow into who they want to be, they are often in a unique path to develop their creativity and shape a growth mindset.

Being authentic enables individuals to release creative energy: When you are authentic, keep minds flow, release the positive energy, out of this comes a beautiful thing, the freedom of choice and the plenty seeds of creativity. Creativity is an individual activity. It is, by nature, unique to each person. The angle from which you view it determines how you identify and categorize the similarities and differences among the many faces of creativity. This is not an easy task but will bring inner peace and from that stage, you are more comfortable to be yourself with independent thinking, by not following others blindly and keep energy flow freely. A creative person is the one that offers others a different perspective to look at the world, and creativity is realized in the process of interaction with others and the world. As the ability to work and produce, creativity then requires a certain degree of independence and mental balance, the proper psychological level of inner security and genuine discovery, autonomy, and mastery.

Originality is valuable as authenticity: Original thinking is independent, creative, unique, real or different. The traits like, character, self-motivation, creativity, uniqueness, and confidence can be the indicator of original thinking which is also a trait of being authentic. Originality is valuable as authenticity. Be true to one's own personality, spirit, or character. Consider authenticity to be a positive outcome of enlightened inspiration and informed motivation rather than a negative outcome of the rejection of the expectations of others. Original thinking is a tough job and recognizes original thinking is equally tough if not less. And it becomes more difficult as most of the modern people are too busy to even think and observe. It’s about having the courage to use your own intelligence! It can be done if someone remains conscious, alert, and has the inclination to search for meaning and excellence. Originality is the expression of authenticity; authenticity keeps the original thoughts flowing seamlessly and tap the fountain of creativity effortlessly.

Authenticity fosters creativity, and creativity expresses authenticity. Being authentic means to be who you are, be yourself, even you are not perfect, and nobody is. One cannot universally ascribe real-world consequences to a construct, in this case, authenticity, as it will be unique to each individual. When digital professional are inspired to discover who they are, their inner strength, with a growth mind, they are at the tipping point to unleash creative potential and live a creative life.


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