Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The New Book “Quality Master” Chapter IV Introduction: Holistic Quality Management

Applying the holistic quality management discipline is to break through the industrial constraints and limitations, in pursuit of possibility rather than impossibility.

Digitalization implies the always on and hyperconnected business nature with “VUCA” characteristics. In addressing varying business circumstances and working with their relevant systems, business management has learned to recognize the limitations of perspectives, methodologies, and tools of traditional scientific orientation and management discipline, learn how to embrace the holistic management practices. Therefore, quality management needs to go head to head with many other management disciplines, take a holistic management approach to improve overall business quality and maturity.

The structural quality of digital organization: Organizational structure and its impact on organizational quality could play either a positive or negative impact. The organizational design problem is how to build the best mix of organizational elements that enable the organizational interdependence. Today’s digital companies need to be organized in achieving high quality and running with quantum speed. They should emphasize communication, participation, relationships, and realized that they will need to renew themselves periodically to cope effectively with changes and have a fluid structure that responds effectively to the business dynamic. Digital organization have flexible and elegant structures, appreciate digital attributes such as “readiness,” “ownership,” “integration,” “open communication,” self-renewal, customized designing as well as developing business partnerships.

Improving innovation quality and strengthening innovation discipline: Innovation is a managed process to transform novel ideas to achieve their business value. However, overall speaking, innovation has a very low success rate. From managing quality ideas to tuning quality innovation management process to developing high-quality innovation team with talented people, it’s important to take the logical path, provide the right level of guidance and discipline, set a clear goal, cultivate the culture of inclusiveness, continue strengthening innovation discipline and improve innovation management quality. People, structure, and process are all quality factors to improve the success rate of innovation and achieve the high-performance business result. High-quality innovation management helps to improve return on investment significantly.

Tailor quality solutions to real problems: With the exponential growth of information and rapid change in business and technology, business problems today have become over-complex and interdependent. Never assume you know what the real problem is. Every situation has choices, every situation has known known and unknown unknown. Leverage Systems Understanding to diagnose the root cause of problems, and understand the interconnected relationship between different problems, as well as potential solutions. The only way we get to understand these is by not giving up and applying the higher level of thinking that we used to handle problems mindfully. Some problems can often appear to be unsolvable. It evolves both detail and the big pictures, tolerates uncertainty, breaks down large problems to the smaller pieces, understands the interdependence of seemly separate problems, and comes out tailored and quality solutions to the real problem ultimately.

Applying the holistic quality management discipline is to break through the industrial constraints and limitations, in pursuit of possibility rather than impossibility. A digital organization can bring greater awareness of intricacies, quality, and the systemic value of organizations, business competencies, people dynamics, resource alignments, and technological touches.

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