Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Creativity Flourishes in Solitude

Silence improves focus and solitude enhances creativity.

Creativity is everything that one has seen, felt, touched, dreamed. All our experiences are completely reconfigured in a way that mixes up all of those things. Often, what we're creating is a new piece of thought that feels familiar but comes at us in a different unusual way. Generally speaking, whether we focus for a brief period to accomplish one thing or set aside the specific time to do specific things, it's the key to success for innovators. Silence improves focus and solitude enhances creativity.

Creativity flourishes in solitude:
Just like the blue ocean, our mind can be calm and beautiful, but it is never still, With quietness, we can hear our thoughts, we can reach deep within ourselves, we can stay focus, and let our mind flow and release creative energy. Human creativity has a quintessential facet with the integration of multiple thought processes. Creativity can start on an unconscious level, and then, when ideas start shaping, it is brought into our conscious awareness. Creativity doesn't come automatically. Sometimes we need to think hard; sometimes we should just let our mind flow, to capture such “aha” moment for creating novel ideas. The quietness of mind comes from self-discipline that ensures thoughts train to have wider gaps to perceive such unique signals to trigger creativity, and also have a strong capacity to catch and store these important signals before they leave us, for shaping novel ideas and expressing them with clarity.

With quietness, we can keep your mind flow frictionlessly and connect dots seamlessly: Creativity happens in both unconscious and conscious level, and it sparks by implicit rather than explicit underbelly of knowledge. The quietness of mind shuts off the background noise.  Self-conscious would have been a better concept than just 'conscious.' When human, urged by his/her inner, rational compulsion to seek the higher truth about the being, he/she often abandon the ego-entity ( relation with the world) and attempt to relate him/her with the timeless/spaceless essence of being. When in the grip of the creative urge, there is no thought of self, no ego, just keep your mind flow frictionlessly. Creativity is not just about being knowledgeable because creativity is at the intersection of knowledge and imagination, and it is able to expand the boundaries of knowledge. Thinking things differently and making imagination roll into reality is creativity.

Creating space and silence, even for a moment, allows the mind free: Space and silence are keys to listening from the heart and refreshing the mind with creative energy. It’s critical for people to have time to breathe fresh air that enables new sight and helps people see a different and new way of doing something. When we pause to take a breath, we have an opportunity to consolidate, assimilate and understand. Creating silence listening from the heart, experience with mindful walking and feeling recharged. Creativity gets stimulated in quiet spaces at the silent moment. Therefore, it is important to create conditions so that the creative potential can manifest, and innovative ideas can be incubated.

Creativity flourishes in solitude, but participation matters to make connections, share ideas and amplify creativity effect. Like many other things, finding a balance is key. It takes a conscious effort, this time, is for solitude, and the other time, is for participation. Both are important because you need inspiration from without, but you need creation from within.


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