Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Monthly “IT Innovation” Book Tuning: Re-imagine IT as the Innovation Engine Jan, 2019

IT can be used as a tool, enabler, integrator, catalyzer, or even a digital game changer to meet the ultimate goal of an organization's short/medium/long-term strategic plans.

Within abundant information and emergent digital technologies, IT is a key component of holistic business mindset to re-imagine “what is possible” - unleashing business potentials and improving business efficiency, effectiveness, agility, and maturity. The art of possible to reinvent IT in the digital age is to deliver the value of information in helping businesses grow, delight customers and doing more with innovation.

  Re-imagine IT as the Innovation Engine

Apply Soft Science Disciplines to Reimagine IT? Through the traditional lens, IT is a hard science - the engineering discipline; through the digital lens, IT needs to embed art into the science and apply soft science discipline to explore the art of possible. Besides applying hard engineering disciplines to run a solid IT for achieving operational excellence, CIOs need to reimagine IT from design, cognitive, sociological, and philosophical, etc, perspective. IT management development should focus more on “soft stuff,” such as communication or culture, business relationships, and partnership, in order to build a creative workplace and reinvent IT to get digital ready.

CIOs as “Chief Innovation Officer”: Re-imagine IT with Digital Themes? IT is in the middle of a sea change because of the exponential growth of information and emergent lightweight digital technologies. Traditional IT organization is monolithic, isolated, stereotypical, and slow to change. Embracing digital is inevitable as that is now part of the reality. CIOs as “Chief Innovation Officer”: How to reimagine IT with digital themes and reinvent IT to get digital ready?

The New Book “IT Innovation” Introduction Chapter 2 Reimagine IT  as “Innovative Outlier”?
Corporate IT plays a significant role in the digital transformation of the business. IT is shifting from a transaction-oriented help center to a transformative change agent; from a reactive order-taker to a proactive strategy co-creator, and from an “isolated” support function to an “innovative outlier.”

CIOs as “Chief Inquisitiveness Officer”: Three Big “WHYs” to Reimagine IT for Getting Digital Ready: Different IT organizations and enterprises as are at the different stage of the business maturity, IT can be used as a tool, enabler, integrator, catalyzer, or even a digital game changer to meet the ultimate goal of an organization's short/medium/long-term strategic plans. Many IT organizations are at the crossroad, should they continue to be run as the cost center to keep the lights on only, and gradually become irrelevant? Or should they take the bold steps, move up the maturity level to get digital ready?

Three Rs in Running a Digital IT Many IT organizations are at transformation journey, from an industrial model to digital leap; from a back-office function to innovation engine; from a cost center to value-added; from 'T'-technology-driven to 'I'-Information focus, from alignment to engagement.

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