Monday, January 14, 2019

The New Book “Quality Master” Chapter 2 Introduction: Digital Quality Management Principles

Quality management should focus not only on the quality of products or services; but also the means to achieve the overall business maturity. 

High-quality enterprise is comprised of high-quality people, products, services, business processes, and capability. From the organizational management perspective, how to gain an in-depth understanding of business quality? Which principles shall your set, what do you put in place or how would you then structure your organization to ensure your business competency to adapt rapidly and deliver products and services with high quality. Slideshare Presentation

Continuous improvement: The culture of continuous improvement means to discover that there is always a better way. Improvement can only be there if people accept changes and make the most out of them. The magnitude of improvement and the impact it has on the organization, short term, long term, effectiveness, and profitability all depend on the vision and the competencies of management. To make a collective improvement, leaders should encourage their employees to provide solutions to common problems by placing them on task force teams or offer them rotation programs where employees could have the chance to learn from their internal clients and colleagues about what they do. It’s about providing learning and development opportunities that contribute to high employee engagement if the program is structured correctly.

Less is more: Uncertainty comes with complexity. Logically, simplifying the complicated thing is an optimal and smart choice either for running the business or solving a problem. “Less is more,” is one of the most important digital principles to follow in pursuit of just right simplicity. More specifically, simplicity is the design of looking for what is common for maximum reuse. An organization can approach the flow zone when the positions in its hierarchy have clear and accountable tasks, ideas are shared and managed effectively, and processes are streamlined to improve the organizational performance seamlessly. An organization achieves the state of digital equilibrium through delaying management hierarchies, tuning resilient processes, and achieve elastic capacity.

"Appreciate the problem never happens”: Quality Assurance management is a discipline of preventing mistakes or defects in designing or implementing products or services deliveries, and avoiding problems when delivering business solutions or services to customers. For the quality assurance to be applied effectively, quality control mechanism has to be built into the design process of products, systems, and services. Preventing problems requires people or systems to analyze and predict the possibility of a problem. Problem-prevention is a multidisciplinary management discipline. The proper development life cycle is there so that you can follow good development principles, procedures, and guidelines. This also will eliminate a vast majority of flaw merely by not rushing in; not making last second design decisions or changing the specification without engineering input.

Quality management should focus not only on the quality of products or services; but also the means to achieve the overall business maturity. Quality has the value which means happy customers, good reputations, and low return costs. In digital organizations, quality management is not the job of one department, but an overarching management discipline.

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