Friday, January 11, 2019

Running Intensive, Effective, and Cohesive Digital Organization

Going digital and running an intensive, effective, and cohesive digital organization takes dynamic planning and dedicate execution. 

Digital organizations are all about information savvy, responsiveness, adaptation, high-performance, and speed. The effects of an increasingly digitalized world are now reaching into every corner of businesses and every aspect of organizations. The digital organization is a living thing with the ability to continually change as the world changes and evolves with an intersecting and interacting business ecosystem seamlessly. It is imperative that business leaders are willing to seek out help, break down silos, and apply a holistic digital management style to run an intensive, effective, and cohesive digital organization.

Intensive: Nowadays, change is intensive, the key factor to the digital paradigm shift has been the endless self-exploration and self-renewal in intellectual, emotional, material, or spiritual dimensions that need to co-evolve together. Information is the lifeblood of the digital business, and managing information-knowledge-insight cycle is crucial to improving the business responsiveness, performance, and long term success. With the fast pace of changes, the demand for information will only intensify. The synchronicity of the information management cycle can improve the business responsiveness with accelerated speed. Information Management should be managed more holistically as one of the most invaluable corporate assets. With the increasing pace of changes and continuous disruptions, the digital strategy execution also becomes more dynamic and intensive. A finger without a hand is akin to a strategy without execution. Digital technologies can be very helpful in strategic analysis, and handle strategy execution intensity in a structural way. Digital is the age of innovation, innovation is no longer “nice to have,” but “must have” business competency. Innovation is costly most of the time, that is why you should really concentrate innovation on the main issues of your strategy - intensify innovation with focus.

Effective: Effectiveness is about doing the right things and qualifying the business result. The digital era upon us is full of uncertainty, velocity, complexity, and ambiguity. Business leaders should focus on effectiveness. One of the pitfalls of the business transformation is sometimes getting the 'right answer' to the 'wrong question.' The short-sightedness of business management and running the business in a transactional mode can only cause digital ineffectiveness in the long run. To put another way, doing the wrong things well won’t improve business effectiveness or even mislead the business in the wrong direction. Ignorance of unknown is another pitfall which could fail change and cause business struggling to navigate through. Thus, to avoid the trap of nearsightedness, the long-term business plan needs to be a cross-functional collaborative effort. The senior business leaders including boards should focus on effectiveness - the “why” part of business oversight, to ensure the organization having a clear vision and well-defined goals before jumping into “how” to reach it. Highly effective business can well prioritize their strategic goals, has fine-defined aims, processes, and indicators with clear accountability and responsibility to implement strategic goals and deliver business objectives steadily.

Cohesive: Digital means the increasing pace of changes and continuous digital disruptions. The change shouldn’t be just some random business initiatives, it has to enable cohesive teamwork and develop coherent business competencies. Building and sustaining dynamics in a workforce are about collaboration with everyone at any level. Cross-functional communication and collaboration are the new normal. The digital ecosystem outlook helps the business to connect the wider dots to innovate, also encourage the broader base collaboration to build differentiated business competencies. Understanding that everyone plays a “piece of the pie,” giving everyone a voice in how the people and the organization in it can prosper and thrive. Tapping diversity to fuel innovation is about shaping a creative team and facilitating cohesive team effort by having people who can complement with each other’s viewpoint, broaden the knowledge base and deepen the understanding of varying issues to extend the thinking box and increase the odds of fueling innovation and accomplish cohesive products/services development. Whenever people feel respected and needed in an organization, it provides an opportunity for building the trustful relationship, unleashing collective human potential and improving the business performance for the long run.

Doing digital is about taking a few actions, but going digital and running an intensive, effective, and cohesive digital organization takes dynamic planning and dedicate execution. A high mature digital organization is a self-adaptive system which is able to reconfigure its own structure and change its own behavior during the execution of its adaptation to environmental changes, and commit to transforming themselves into a high mature digital master.


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