Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Monthly CIO Debates Collection & “Digital IT” Book Tuning: Is IT Forethought or Afterthought of the Business Jan 2019

Debating is not for stimulating conflicts, but for brainstorming better ways to do things.
 Due to the changing nature of technology, IT leadership role also continues to involve & shift the focus, to move up the maturity level. More and more CIOs are requested to take more responsibility and many CIOs present the breadth of leadership competency. The proactive IT debates help IT leaders to brainstorm better ways to do things and improve management capabilities. Here are the monthly CIO debates collections about how to run a high-performance digital IT organization.

               Is IT Forethought or Afterthought of the Business

Is IT Organization an “Afterthought or Forethought” in your Company? The digital ecosystem is complex and volatile, the information potential directly impacts the business's potential of the organization. However, many IT organizations still get stuck at the lower level of maturity, they are only comfortable as a support function, run as a reactive order taker, perceived as a cost center. New Year is perhaps a great time for IT leaders to make an objective assessment: Is your organization an afterthought or the foresight in your company? How to run IT as the change agent of the business?

Is IT Viewed as an Inhibitor or the Driver of Change? We live in a technological world and every day more and more technology affects the way we live and work. Great opportunity, danger, and disruption are around every corner. However, many IT organizations are still perceived by business as a support function, slow to change. Forward-looking CIOs need to ask themselves: Is IT viewed as an inhibitor or the driver of change? What’re the best and next practices to reinvent IT for getting digital ready?

Is IT a Building Block or a Roadblock of Digital Transformation Nowadays technologies make impacts on every vertical industry sector and information permeates into every corner of the organization. IT is becoming more critical strategically, and the building blocks of the business competency. But still, there are discrepancies between how IT evaluates its own influence & performance and how IT is perceived by business partners and customers. Sometimes, business partners think IT is lagging behind the change curve, and they see IT as a drag on innovation. Even IT should be the irreplaceable building block of differentiated organizational capabilities, businesses perceive IT as the roadblock. So, how can IT turn around these negative perceptions and build a strong reputation as a change agent, innovation engine and driving force of digital transformation

IT Transformation Debate: When Should IT Lead, When Should IT Follow
More often than not, technology is the catalyst for driving business change and digital transformation, however, in most of the companies, IT is still perceived as an order taker and support function, and most of IT organizations get stuck at the lower level of maturity for functional alignment or enabler. So IT is at a crossroad: Shall IT lead or follow? Should IT leadership rock the boat or just keep it afloat? And how to run digital IT at high speed.

Does IT Work in the System or on the System to Drive Digital Transformation? Information and technology catalyze today's digital businesses, either disrupt or be disrupted. IT is at an inflection point to lead the organizational level of digital transformation. Nowadays, IT can no longer run in the silo, IT is the business. Because information brings about business ideas; business ideas generate lots of information. Information Systems are the backbone and provide valuable information for key decision making and problems solving, And IT needs to contribute to business growth, innovation, and customer experience optimization. So in order to drive digital transformation, should your IT organization work in the system or on the system to unleash the full digital potential and improve the organizational maturity?

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