Saturday, May 1, 2021

Learning Wheel in your Mind

Change is accelerated in the digital era, to embrace change requires a change of mindset and building learning wheels at every level and an understanding that things cannot stay the same.

With fast paced changes and continuous disruptions, business professionals need to keep updating their mindsets, and organizations today have a very busy business agenda with both short term and long term goals need to be taken care of, and emergent issues need to be taken care of. It requires a devotion to fairness, correctness, truth, progress and a solid respect for fundamental rights. 

We live in the era, more often the "mainstream" mind is far lagging behind the internet speed. It must be acknowledged that the changing mindset and developing learning wheel can be a very long process to develop, it takes both vision and strategy. It occurs only through a curious mindset, dialogical process, and culture of change.

Learning becomes a habit when change is truly a new normal: Change happens when mindset turns into mind flow. People change for a reason, it is a mind which manipulates the reasoning and logic behind the change. Think of behavior change as acting into a new way of thinking and believing. The question to be asked is why you are wanting the change? What do you expect to gain from adopting the change? You can certainly change behaviors with the right push, however, bigger changes come with inspiring the learning mind and challenging winning attitudes. You can't change anyone's attitude or behavior. They have to be the ones that change. And most won’t in the long run. (Short term changes are common under pressure to change, but it breeds discontent and, in the long run, people revert to their original habits...most of the time).

So What you can do is to have well-defined expectations of behavior. Attitude is dependent whether or not they agree with the direction that they need to go. If it's good, then a good attitude will follow. If they disagree, then such a resistant mind can lead to negative attitude and destructive behaviors. Knowledge professionals understand that learning is a lifetime experience, and then their experience will be a building block to develop professional competencies.

The change agents or champions have such a “learning wheel” in their mind: Behavior as a symptom of attitude and attitude is the reflection of your mind. Your attitudes are a function of your "total being" which includes your mind and your behaviors. And for each person in your team, you, the project and the job are only a part of their "total being." The learning curve is a model of the states that people who are to change will go through, it is applicable to everyone even those who planned and conceived the vision. Thus, having learning curve awareness is ready to be the step one goes through during change when in actuality they are the steps that come before change can take place.

It is no surprise that there is change inertia, a lot of people resist as it takes them outside their comfort zone which generally gives a negative feeling. Effective leaders/managers have the ability to understand and appreciate that fact. In the case of long-term relationships, you are able to detect changes in an employee's situation signaled by changes in behavior. 

Integrating learning wheel into professional skill development and competency building mechanism: Knowledge is the key to changing mindsets, biases, prejudices: Everyone has the ability to change their mindsets. Because every person has degrees of both open and closed mindsets in different contexts. We are all works in progress; learning, growing and changing. It is important to consider that having an open mind does not equate to have a critical mind, and this difference has fundamental implications regarding the process through which mindset changes or expands. Knowledge is the key to changing mindsets, biases, prejudices: 

Sometimes, we have lost some of our ability and continuous learning using critical thinking and replaced it with criticizing and belittling. It is our job to change that behavior in ourselves and help people learn to change it for themselves. It is about how to ride the learning curve to get into action in creative, positive, and productive ways that educate, support and celebrate every critical step of the change curve and the business transformation journey and sustain change effect for improving the overall business responsiveness and maturity.

Change is accelerated in the digital era, to embrace change requires a change of mindset and building learning wheels at every level and an understanding that things cannot stay the same. This is the groundwork that has to be done at all levels prior to initiating major change. You can’t just control the people's behaviors manually because you can’t manipulate how they think. The management should understand that you can make all changes you like, but unless people change their mindset, attitude, and behavior, change will not be embedded and will not be sustained at the organizational scope.


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