Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Initiatinginnovationviakeepingfingers ....

In reality, many people are used to living in familiar territory with a silo mentality and apply conventional wisdom based on a very limited thinking box they shaped quite a long time ago.

The world is transforming from personal computing into digital computing, from knowledge scarcity to information abundance, the answer about yesterday is not as critical as the questions about the future. The implementation of the idea has to follow a logical path to the solution of most types of problems, since contemporary society tends to follow logical rather than lateral kinds of structures. 

Business leaders and professionals need to keep fingers on things that matter to lead breakthrough change confidently.

Keep fingers on examining yourself cognitively: When you judge something, you form a critical opinion of it based on facts, discerned data, and preconceived notions. Many times people make poor judgment, not because of ignorance, but because of the lack of insight. Willingness to acquire additional information begins with an acceptance you do not know enough to achieve your purpose. In today's digital dynamic, you have to envision and gain a long-term perspective, you have to apply multidimensional intelligence for either gaining clear discernments or making effective decisions.

Outdated knowledge is what leads to a decrease in imagination. The most important capability of the cognitive mind with a clear discernment is the willingness and ability to seek out new knowledge, address ignorance and the assumptions you make to minimize it. Cognitive understanding requires a person's ability to grasp or comprehend information. Without true understanding, there is no way to have strong discernment. It is the responsibility of each individual to examine themselves, fix cognitive ignorance and bridge cognitive difference, and to make sure they are open to true understanding.

Keep fingers on dealing with the “shade of gray” thoughtfully: Due to the overwhelming growth of information, hypercomplex, and interdependent digital new normal, there are many grey areas and debatable concepts. For example, right and wrong is a very hard thing to define. It depends mostly on your perspective, experience, and situation. Sometimes right and wrong mean correct and incorrect. Sometimes they mean accurate or inaccurate. Businesses should develop a shared view of digital organization that promotes a deeper understanding of core processes, systems, and transformative competency, adjusting their attitude (emotions, cultures, or circumstances, etc.), investigate "hidden risks" or uncover gray areas, and manage them well to improve business resilience.

Keep fingers on connecting wider dots to spark innovation systematically: In reality, many people are used to living in familiar territory with a silo mentality and apply conventional wisdom based on a very limited thinking box they shaped quite a long time ago. It generates silos and blocks creativity. With a static mindset and being called conventional wisdom, the same mediocrity is inherited down the line by generations, organizations or the society keep nurturing mediocrity If we all stayed in a box and didn't believe things exist outside of our box, there's no room to broaden our thoughts and no innovation can be sparked.

Unfortunately, businesses unrealistically keep expecting innovation out of that mediocrity. The point is not to be unduly constrained in your thinking or knowledge, but at the same time not to lose sight of the objective of thinking, keep fingers on shaping new thinking, break down silos, and connect wider dots to stimulate innovation. The horizontal communication and collaboration, and knowledge sharing are what spurs innovation via cross-pollinating ideas and implementing them systematically.

A great wealth of knowledge fuels imaginations. To survive and thrive in today’s “VUCA” reality, the business management has to keep their fingers on the pulse of business information and uprising trends which can create fresh opportunities to help the business grow and reach the next cycle of business maturity.


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