Tuesday, May 25, 2021


 Learning has to become a lifestyle, and develop it as a habit.

Our mind is raw,

learning makes it mature.

To learn constantly,

so we continually improve.

Learning is not the thing,

we are 'done' only in our youth,

it has to become a lifestyle,

and develop it as a habit.

Learning keeps us fresh,

energy flow...

To create the new requires -

not just one skill,

but many,

not just old experience,

but fresh perspectives,

creating new knowledge,

spurring imagination,

all the time.

Learning agility differentiates

growth mind from-

static mind;

high potential from-


People want to grow,

develop and mature.

Learning is a “Cool Thing.”

Lifelong learning is-

no longer a choice,

but a necessity to -

compete for the future;

learning is -





and integrated,

to explore unknown,

tap our endless potential.

Limitations on learning,

are barriers set by-

humans themselves,

as learning is-

a continuous process to-

unleash potential,

drive progression,

further the quality of civilization,

and enrich the role-

we play in the universe.

Learning is a “Cool Thing”


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