Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Unlocking Performance via Overcoming Barriers

Nowadays, business dynamics are intense, even stressful, it’s crucial to understand many things underneath the surface of the business, and sense dysfunctional business reality.

We live in the digital era with exponential growth of information, the speed of change is significantly increasing. The business system is complex and the organization is multifaceted. Decentralization, globalization, and diversification can all be practical reasons for communicating barriers or changing pitfalls. 

Most organizations are grossly dysfunctional, despite often noble attempts at change by the leadership team. How can forward-looking organizations overcome varying challenges and build high mature people-centric organizations?

Communication from the "leadership" is disregarded, ignored, viewed skeptically: Nowadays, there is a mix of old and new, physical and virtual, order and chaos, misinterpretation or miscommunication are the big causes of many human problems. Communication regarding integrity and commitment to the people starts at the top. But organizations need to make a concentrated effort to connect the dots for everyone and provide clear communication about the goals at each level. If communication has to develop fully and authentically, it is essential that the business leaders communicating should be aware of what they want to communicate, how they communicate and above all ensure that they communicated correctly. Leaders, or those who are sending the message, must have integrity, openness, and insight to allow free expressing the creative potentials.

To keep digital flow across the business and its ecosystem, it is important to keep communication open and creative, and leverage the richness of multiple digital communication channels. To overcome communication barriers, it’s important to embrace inclusiveness and diversity, including different thinking-styles and cognitive differences, become excellent in communication-both interpersonal and organizational to enforce trust as the two way street to build relationships across all parties.

Low morality and culture of mediocrity, low employee engagement/employee dissatisfaction, erosion of integrity, professional values, work ethics, etc: Many managers still apply old silo management mindsets and take classic management practices. Disconnect occurs when the wishful thinking at higher levels detaches from the reality at lower levels. When business systems are dysfunctional, silo thinking or bureaucracy is propagating; when value proposition fails to be translated into meaningful operational deliverables; when the work is not done right and needs to be redone, then business disasters emerge. When workers are asked to be "engaged" inside and outside the company environment, at the same time, many companies don't have the mechanisms or interest in engaging employees outside the work environment or enable personal growth. When dealing with complex business management that involves a high level of change at process, people, product, or technology level, but businesses lack governance structures and disciplines to improve business effectiveness.

To trace and cure the root causes of all those mismanagement symptoms, managers at all levels need to have integrity for this to work, be truly committed to their team’s success, and be willing to let their teams do the work. A company with a culture of openness, innovation, high standards in ethics and merit based compensation can motivate team members to work towards a common goal. Manage not only risks but more importantly, opportunities to ensure personnel is not only being engaged, but their focus on energy aligned with the organization strategy. When employees know that you believe in them, that they can perform and do their roles at the risk of failing, they will always give you their best effort. In order to influence others, one must have skills in implementing and character that displays high levels of ethics, responsibility, and empathy, and integrity. When you "believe" in someone, you show it through giving them control to do what needs to be done and thanking them for achieving results, create synergy by putting the right talent at the right position, invite employees to brainstorm and unlock the potential of the business.

Misalignment of "do what you say, say what you mean, mean what you do": Either individually or collectively, lack of systems thinking perspective, inconsistent thoughts or behavior would cause unprofessionalism and lead to culture inertia. Being a digital professional also means consistency. Consistency means what you think and what you do are coherent. From a talent management perspective, consistency means perhaps you can do a lot of different things in your career but keep consistent with having intellectual curiosity, a growth mindset, a learning attitude; a set of effective decision-making or problem-solving skills, and a cohesive professional competency. Sometimes, it’s not easy to bring all talented people and mold them into an effective team. And people need to be intentional about who they are and how they enter the role. Be self-aware, be able to see your strengths and weaknesses without self-judgment is possible and healthy. Knowing who you are and how you react and respond in different situations can help you understand and improve cognitive, relational and assertive actions you take on a day to day basis, and build constant and consistent integrity.

The team fit or the organizational fit manifested in accepted and expected behavior, has a way of neutralizing differences. Try to encourage, motivate, and support people to success on a daily basis. Higher levels of engagement come from recognition, feedback, growth, and opportunity. The organizations with the culture of empowerment will reap the benefits of knowledge workers who are willing to give discretionary effort and are always looking for ways to improve their own and team performance. If you want measurable business results and outcomes, then performance management is a key system that runs alongside the business processes

Nowadays, business dynamics are intense, even stressful, it’s crucial to understand many things underneath the surface of the business, such as value, process, culture or behavior, etc, and sense dysfunctional business reality. One of the key determinants of whether an organization can move to the digital new normal is the digital maturity of its people. People have to be ready for gaining in-depth understanding of themselves, the organization they work for, get used to the complex digital ecosystem, and drive desired changes at the steadfast paces.


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