Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Paradoxical Logic

Digital leaders and professionals should embrace the opposite thoughts and take expanded lenses to perceive the multi-facet world via interdisciplinary inference or reasoning in order to solve problems effectively.

The world becomes more paradoxical, balance is a leverage for the problem-solving and in-depth understanding of economic and social systems. Some argue that every advance in science is about dealing with paradoxes via innate logic and holistic understanding. 

Logic is neither equal to conventional wisdom nor linear understanding or arithmetic rules only. Logic could be paradoxical, as paradox is the result of two opposing truths existing side by side, which can be both right.

Divergence vs convergence: While the team is analyzing and co-solving the "problems," it will better go more convergent to really hone in on the "why." Once you figure out what the true problems are and are ready to ideate that needs to be divergent thinking. It’s best to bring a group of people together with the cognitive difference such as different backgrounds, capabilities, strengths etc. together in order to obtain such a way of divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is sort of free thinking to keep your mind flowing, to explore and question; then convergent thinking will do the reasoning, synthesizing and sum up the team needs to go divergent to explore the space during ethnography/contextual inquiry). Further, the digital convergence of devices and services are creating new business models and revenue sources as most companies across industries are being forced to become technology companies and run information businesses.

Ideas are seeds of creativity that can change a certain situation and future. Divergent thinking is nurtured by interdisciplinary knowledge and enriched experience to create new ideas. It’s easier to tame a big idea, and then to make a small one look more fancy than it actually is. It takes logic to recognize, filter or deal with ideas, implement them and guild teams to make things happen timely and transform a vision into reality. In the business setting, in order to innovate, it is necessary to follow a process where divergent and convergent thinking are always present and where you can use different tools. The future vision is one of them, a very powerful one. Finally, when down-selecting ideas and eventually prototyping that would be more convergent thinking.

Induction vs. Deduction: Under a complex digital environment with “VUCA” normality, many problems today are complex, we need to look at each situation individually, ponder around intriguing inference behind complexity and ask what leadership model is required. It’s important to comprehend dynamics, deal with the mountain of information, master induction or deduction; understand variables, interfaces, interactions, intervention, and weigh in varying decision factors.

What many see as innovation is actually a problem-solving scenario - you need to take inferential logic to understand the real problems and illustrate them well, take an interdisciplinary approach to solve them creatively. A simple process of deduction to derive a solution drawing from knowledge, experience, and out-of-the-box creativity. Theory- practice-theory is a logical induction-deduction scenario and a multi-disciplinary effort to improve innovation, or the transformative change management success rate.

Analysis vs. Synthesis: Analysis is to understand something that already "exists" such as building a model of an existing system. Synthesis is to build something that does not exist such as building a system according to the model. Analysis may not be able to answer the why questions about a system. It is defined as the procedure by which you break down an intellectual or substantial whole into parts or components (loosen, untie, set apart). Synthesis is defined as the opposite procedure to combine separate elements or components in order to form a coherent whole. studying social phenomena through qualitative means to create meaning.

Analysis is the pre-phase of synthesis. synthesis is the analysis' goal. They complement one another. Never attempt to improve a part of the system unless it improves the whole. Every synthesis is built upon the results of a preceding analysis, and every analysis requires a subsequent synthesis in order to verify and correct its results. In this context, to regard one method as being inherently better than the other is meaningless.

There are all sorts of thoughts which are all happening in the same sphere of influence of an individual human or groups of humans, or humans interacting with knowledge of the past, or connecting with some "super-conscious" field. There is always a well-known solution to every human problem-neat, plausible, and wrong. Digital leaders and professionals should embrace the opposite thoughts and take expanded lenses to perceive the multi-facet world via interdisciplinary inference or reasoning in order to solve problems effectively.


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