Saturday, May 1, 2021

Authenticity - Discover Innate Self

After the end of the old and before the birth of the new, there is a disconcerting space, pure potential, and many possibilities.

The digital era upon us is about creativity, option, and autonomy. You can surrender to that luminous light within you that awaits your discovery. This reminds us of a famous nature phenomenon-the caterpillar's transformation into a butterfly: the in-between is nothing, the gone of the old caterpillar state, before coming into the new radiant butterfly. Surrender takes openness, patience, not-knowing, trusting in the cycles of life. 

Defining your true purpose is a helpful instrument to guide yourself, your team, your business, and your relations along the other dimensions. It is your mind that understands the surroundings and it is your heart that ultimately contributes to a better world.

Become self-aware: Life is a journey, temptations are everywhere, especially within yourselves. Self-awareness implies to be comfortable being who you are; but also admit the limitations and open the doors to freedom. You don't get a choice, you can't be anyone other than yourself. It requires you taking time to know what needs to change in your perspective, how you react and respond in different situations, as well as your own style of influence affect how you respond and interact with not only your team but also your surroundings, and choose actions in line with your own life force and flow. At some point you can let that go, receive who you are, and contemplate your purpose, strength and weakness.

You are gaining a deeper connection with yourself and navigate through life. Ideally, it is up to you to never give up and become an example and a hope for those who think that positive change isn't possible. Knowing who you are, can help you improve cognitive, relational and assertive actions you take on a day to day basis. personally- who you are and what is happening in your life that influences your work. To be "authentic" and genuine first and foremost, ensure that your voice and actions are in synchronization by combined action, endurance, and with the right spirit. This must be relevant within boundaries to maintain professionalism in the organization.

Focus on self-discovery: Discover who you are even though this does not always feel "good," for challenging internal or external "status quo." Open your mind and heart, listen within, let go of trying to "figure things out," be more in a self-discovery led by curiosity, imagination and wonder. In the process of healing, and letting all parts of "Who I Am" express themselves for the sake of integrity and self-respect, fear or love are present as the choice to ignore that deeper calling, or make room for the unknown parts self to speak up and claim their right to be part of the whole. Self-discovery becomes the part of the learning, creative and growth journey.

Challenge your own patterning and beliefs, it takes time to know what needs to change in your perspective so you can choose actions in line with your own life force and flow. It does not imply giving up anything, rather, you are gaining a deeper connection with yourself and the way you navigate through life. It is not giving up, or giving in. It is quite active. It has to do with discovering that source within and bringing it out into the world, found yourself to be not one but a multitude of selves, some more articulate and resilient, some more out-of-the-box and vulnerable.

Self-refinement: In times of recession, it is mentally tough to pull through and turn what others see as a difficult time into an opportunity to thrive and excel and therefore motivate the team. Resilience is the ability to respond to changes proactively, act courageously when facing difficulties, bounce back or fail forward. It is probably a mistake to draw to close a parallel physical integrity/resilience and institutional or moral integrity/resilience. Physical integrity is based on adherence to engineering rules and practices that result in structural integrity, calculations for stress, load bearing, functional tolerances etc, which provides the basis for repairs or rebuilding that is resilience. But institutional and moral resilience requires a flexible integrity based on core values, but capable of adopting rules to changing circumstances.

We are all vulnerable at certain points. Remember resilient people feel hurt and pain - they have disappointments, they sense failure... they just don't let the negative experience restrict them or scare them away. Resilience is the common denominator of all the greats. Resilience or mental toughness is trait-based, people are born with certain levels of it. However, what we do know is that it is capable of being developed. What we also know is that people need the right level of mental toughness for dealing with tough situations and overcoming varying challenges. You don't have to be great to be resilient or resilient to be great but if you are you will be. 

Many organizations still have an old-fashioned view that the employee's self-assessment is irrelevant to the overall review and only serves to create conflict when there are discrepancies in perception. But now we are gradually, but solidly stepping into the digital new normal. After the end of the old and before the birth of the new, there is a disconcerting space, pure potential, and many possibilities. Self-assessment of performance and potential is not for boosting ego, but for inspiring authenticity; growth of mind, engagement, trust, and innovation.


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