Saturday, May 1, 2021

Urbanization is a “Sophisticated Thing”

Urbanization is a “Sophisticated Thing”

Urban cities are -

charming with-


natural beauty,

mixed ingredients,

innovative sensibility,

all its own,

keep evolving...

Park, museum, gallery,

skyscraper, bridge, highways….

Urban phenomenon provides-

multidimensional lens,

to observe human behavior,

culture quintessential;

talent mobility,

worldly wisdom...

All artistic, sophisticated things of -

mankind is inspired by nature.

An urban city is -

like a huge kaleidoscope,

an urban mind has -

sophistication to-

flip it around,

look it through...

Urbanization is -

a well-established phenomenon.

with diverse angles,

to develop things,

seems charming;

amplify signals from-

background noise,

focus on things that -

sounds matter.

The urbanization of -

today’s fast-changing world is-

a disruptive intensity,

dynamic process,

continuous episode.

Urban sophisticates-

taxonomy of factors-

density, scalability, spectrum,

shared cultural characteristics,

cluster effects,

well trained specializations, etc.

Modern city is-

a condensed version of-

human society.

But you don’t need to-

live in a big city to

sharpen an urban mind,

with a sophisticated understanding of-

people, things, and ecosystem,

via multidimensional intelligence

and sound judgment.

Urbanization is a “Sophisticated Thing.”


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