Monday, May 3, 2021


Imagination is the wing of our mind and seed of creativity.

The power of our mind is much greater than we like to admit. Harnessing its power and using it to grow in the ways that we want is paramount to creating the life that we want and deserve. 

This is what people mean when they say we only use 10% of our brain. When we allow both sides of our brain to work together, we can create change with more ease, flow and speed.

Look at the mind with the mind: The “Mind” in English has a limited meaning; the spirit, the wit, still more limited meaning. In French or in German, there is at least “l’Esprit,” “Der Geist” (Der Heilige Geist, le Saint Esprit), with a transcendent connotation. Mind is shaped simply depending on how it is influenced by its surroundings. Consider what kind of education, religion, nation, society and world you're living in. That's the kind of mind you have. It's just a bundle of thoughts, emotions, opinions, and of course, prejudices. What you consider as “myself” is just a jumble of things that you have gathered from outside. Whichever kind of situations you were exposed to, that is the kind of nonsense you have gathered in your mind.

The mind is a phenomenal thing, but if you get stuck to it, it will take you for a ride endlessly: “You look at the mind with the mind.“ The brain is infinitely more powerful, when you drop the assumed constraints of your education, and what others tell you who you are. It's a mindfulness practice that connects information in the right and left brain, allowing you to release the fears and negative thoughts and emotions that your conscious mind may not even know.

Use both knowledge and imagination to accomplish things: If you use your imagination to program your subconscious mind and your subconscious is a goal seeking machine, wouldn't it lead you to the knowledge you require to fulfil that goal? If you are to figure out how to do anything you need to use both your knowledge and imagination. It synthesizes everything your brain can bring to bear on the problem. Your subconscious mind creates your goals and you need to give it good material.

Thinking inspiration is the thing that comes to you, perhaps a solution to a problem or a new idea from the subconscious in the form of images, words, etc and imagination are conscious concepts impressed upon the subconscious using images, words, etc. This is just your personal distinction. Knowledge is fundamental for making imagination to reality. But without the imagination to "believe in the possible," innovation may not happen. To put the other way, innovation starts with an idea. Imagination can be seen as helping one expand the initial idea and building a set of hypotheses about how the product of the idea will look like, and how the customers will react to the product. At the highest level of imagination engagement, we become driven to leverage our imagination into creative or innovative results.

Imagination inspires your learning attitude: Often imagination and knowledge need to go hand-in-hand. A great wealth of knowledge fuels imaginations. This, in turn, becomes things which can be useful. Knowledge should be helpful for imagination, and it helps to widen the fields and the scope. It gives wings to the imagination. More importantly, be proactive to pursue your dream by creating the future and roll your imagination into reality. Siloed or outdated knowledge is what leads to a decrease in imagination.

The horizontal communication and collaboration, and knowledge sharing are what spurs innovation via cross-pollinating ideas and implementing them systematically. Imagination inspires your learning attitude as well. often imagination blooms at the beginner’s mind; they enjoy experimenting and discovering; there’s no rule to limit their imagination. An open mind leads to imagination, imagination leads to discovery, discovery leads to innovation, and innovation leads to technology advancement and societal progression.

Imagination is more important than knowledge, knowledge has a limitation, imagination encircles the world! -Albert Einstein Imagination is the ability to form new images and sensations in the mind that are not perceived through senses such as sight, hearing, or other senses. Imagination is the wing of our mind and seed of creativity.


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