Saturday, April 22, 2023


Organizations and societies become more complex and diversified; people should become more profound, dig into the root causes of issues, read between the lines, see around the corner.

The pace of change is increasing, the world becomes flattened, changes or problems usually do not happen in isolation from each other in predictable ways. If we cannot direct gradual strides toward pursuing the deeper state of thoughts and mindful actions, then we will never know what the substance can do for the potential of our livelihoods and how to lead change successfully. When we gain fresh knowledge, and when we change our understanding of the past, new possibilities and interpretations of them emerge in the future not so far away.

Unconventional thinking: Business circumstances become over-complex, hyperconnected, to break through outdated concepts or “we always do things like that” mentality, disrupting old ways to do things, such as silo, status quo, dysfunction, complication, rigidity, or bureaucracy, etc, it’s important to keep learning-agile, have the willingness and ability to seek out updated knowledge, gain an in-depth understanding of business issues, practice critical thinking to address ignorance and the assumptions.

To gain “unconventional understanding” of things, put aside all those trained thoughts, logic, and boxes, systems, and fill in the new knowledge, and fresh insight, see things from different angles and shape unconventional understanding of the issues to improve the opportunity for coming up with innovative solutions collaboratively.

Objective perception: Even though everyone lives in the same world, we experience it through the filter of our personal realities, which is based on individual perception. We must have enough knowledge, not just any knowledge, but relevant and updated knowledge to make objective perception and sound judgment. People misunderstand or mistrust each other because of mis-perceptual bias; it creates varying problems even though their intentions are to solve problems.

Being profound means that people learn to open their mind to embrace other people’s perceptions, examine their own mindset, knowledge, attitude, make sure they are open to true understanding and capture the objective perceptions for making effective decisions, and frame the right problems to solve effectively.

Fresh insight:
Insight is people’s introspection through cognitive experience and exploration to explore oneself, surroundings. Insight is a perception beyond the thought, a multi-dimensional cognizance, and it’s the personal experience which can be shared openly. Usually fresh insight is based on fluent knowledge, creative intelligence and nonlinear understanding. Contextual intelligence deepens one’s understanding of inner connectivity of different pieces or parts for coming up with a holistic picture.

Insight helps to broaden the understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specific context or the core issues of a situation which leads us to true understanding, fresh insight and resolution. Insight brings a value addition to our character by which we will be able to handle complex situations without overdose of negative emotions. Insightful understanding can be enhanced by seeing the two sides of the coin, listening to the two versions of stories, clarifying the sequence and consequence of the situations or scenarios clearly.

Organizations and societies become more complex and diversified; people should become more profound, dig into the root causes of issues, read between the lines, see around the corner. They are able to communicate empathetically, build mutual trust, and deal with varying circumstances thoughtfully. They try to minimize unconscious bias, break down the silo mentality, develop creativity, and improve cognitive wisdom constantly.


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