Tuesday, April 11, 2023


To debunk innovation serendipity, there is reflection, recognition, refinement behind innovation abundance and renewal.

Being innovative is about thinking and doing things differently. Innovation is expedited to adapt to the increasing speed of changes. Today innovation can happen anywhere and anytime. 

The speed of change is expedited, so is the speed of innovation. Innovation has a broader spectrum and hybrid nature; it is the incremental improvement- radical innovation continuum.

Reflection: Innovativeness and authenticity reinforce each other. The condition of being human is to first find our true identity through self-reflection, self-realization. The process of reflection is the foundation of learning, growth, improvement, and refinement. As if standing in a hall of mirrors, we reflect creativity back upon itself and speculate upon its nature. Self-awareness mind provides clarity, deep understanding, giving you directional opportunities for personal growth, and helping you develop creativity.

When people are inspired to reflect, discover who they are, their inner genius is empowered to grow into who they want to be, they are often on a unique path to develop creativity. In the context of innovative activities, you need to set aside time for reflection. You need strategies and a robust practice to switch off the analytical or mechanical mindset and allow creativity and design to flourish and produce great ideas constantly.

Recognition: Ideas are invaluable things, recognition cannot function without cognition.An innovative environment is a place to share ideas; a chance to apply ideas; a recognition for the ideas. Creativity involves multiple thinking processes such as visionary recognition, pattern understanding, imaginative connectivity, information interpretation to generate novel ideas unimaginably.

An innovative mind has a better ability to recognize patterns, make unusual dots connections, and has a tendency to constantly question conventional wisdom and generate fresh ideas. Collectively, what are the organization's rewards and recognition structure perpetuating? Higher levels of engagement come from recognition, feedback, growth, opportunity. It is important to scrutinize all crucial factors from mindset to behavior; develop and recognize talent, innovators for rejuvenating creative energy.

Refinement: With the increasing pace of changes, people should have humility to realize that their knowledge, methods, and processes are out of date and work on upgrading them periodically. Refining true purpose is a helpful instrument to guide yourself, team, organization for innovating, approaching the next phase of innovation maturity. Generative learning allows people to be open to new ideas, co-create fresh knowledge, experimentation with alternative ways of doing things, learning from instead of condemning or punishing mistakes, errors, and reach the next level of innovation.

There is a mixed bag of fresh knowledge and outdated information, structural or nonstructural data, information qualification directly impacts the intellectual sophistication of the innovation competency. Innovative leaders encourage learning-imagining-innovating as a refinement continuum by encouraging creativity, discouraging negative mindsets or attitudes; ensuring people get engaged and invest the discretionary effort for innovation. They initiate creative experiments, make inferences about those consequences, and draw implications for future creative activities and improve innovation effectiveness.

To debunk innovation serendipity, there is reflection, recognition, refinement behind innovation abundance and renewal. Discovery of new ideas; prototyping, and the ultimate delivery of a commercially astute outcome are all crucial phases of innovation management.


Can you help me through the challenge of overcoming these tempting thoughts?”

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