Thursday, November 25, 2021


Be grateful for the beautiful world we share together. The natural world is the abundance of variety and a global society is a melting pot of diversity.

It’s time to reflect on the spirit of the holiday, appreciate many things you do -read, think, understand, reflect, practice deliberately; appreciate all good, beauty, and harmonized things at an influential level; appreciate fresh ideas, deep insight; compelling stories, which all bring us something special.

Be grateful for what you understand, because it gives you the confidence to move on: Appreciate things by understanding them. Understand the problem you want to solve; understand the people you get to know; understand the meaning of life. Undemanding leads to appreciation and societal harmony. There are many things you need to understand and there are many ways to understand. When you truly understand, you know the real issues are, you’ll know what you need, and how to get what you need to achieve the “art of possible.”

Take a holiday break to observe deeper and understand better. You learn from the past to "understand" today, and shape a new perspective. By looking back we can understand each other a little more, technically more insightful. It is the responsibility of each individual to examine themselves and to make sure they are open to true understanding. Understanding requires a person's ability to grasp quality information or comprehend fresh knowledge. How deep your understanding is based on the logic, lenses , mindset, philosophy, methodology you leverage to interpret things.

Be grateful for those who can truly understand you: Understanding is a journey; appreciate those who can truly understand you cognitively; appreciate those who can provide you constructive feedback, guidance or support; appreciate those who can listen to you – not only what you say, but why you say and even understand what you didn’t say; Empathetic understanding is the power of understanding and imaginatively entering into another person's feelings, thoughts or attitudes.

True understanding connects the minds and touches the hearts. It's important to understand people deep in the mindset level in order to truly understand “who they are..” Understanding makes people stronger, gives them a voice on conveying their point of view and builds mutual trust and appreciation. It’s important to harness the different experiences, perspectives, and ideas of people, look at the wider aspect around any problem, and dig deeper to diagnose the root causes and solve them thoroughly.

Be grateful when you don’t know something -for it gives you the opportunity to learn: Appreciate learning and innovating; the more you learn, the more you appreciate how little you know. Learning is the process of ever deepening and widening the appreciation; of the challenges of achievement, of the complex nano-scaled signaling involved in thoughts, senses, interactions, movement, healing.

Be grateful if you get the opportunity to learn from your journey of life, either success or failure; If you are humble, you are open to learning both about yourself, others and new ideas, you are not only a good learner, but also on the way to be a good innovator. Take time to reflect, learn or relearn something; take initiatives to learn fresh knowledge or update skills, etc. If what you learn builds a certain degree of confidence; what you don’t know brings you an opportunity to keep growing and maturing, all of which worth your appreciation.

Appreciating the beauty of all you have around you right now and being grateful: Take time for silence; for pondering, for appreciating things you enjoy doing or the work you accomplished. Appreciate the great phenomenon around you - the multitude of points of views, fresh ideas or alternative pool of talent; appreciate the hyper-connected world in which abundance means information flow, natural amazement, or culture enrichment.

Appreciate the abundance which is to have enough to share: resources, time, energy, ideas, creativity, awareness, vitality, etc. Abundance is what keeps us going with a mentality that life is good because all the goodies will be attracted to us because we are upright to attract them. Appreciate the moment of enjoyment or the time of trial or test; appreciate the abundance which is an unlimited pool of goodness that we are born with; however, sometimes we forget that it is a natural part of us.

Be grateful for being who you are, as every life is special and purposeful: If you are unclear about your own value or strength, how can you take a progressive journey? Unless you enjoy the freedom, how can you understand the meaning of life and unless you understand the meaning of life completely, what kind of fulfillment can you aspire for? Be grateful for being who you are; knowing yourself comes from the practice of actively and intentionally being present to relate to, see all the different parts of oneself and how they operate.

Appreciate authenticity, and be true to one's own personality, spirit, or character. Consider authenticity to be a positive outcome of enlightened and informed motivation, appreciate our difference, besides our sameness; no matter where we are or what we do, convey a consistent message. Be grateful for having the ability to produce; with independent spirit and mental balance; the inner security and healthy psychology cycle of creativity, discovery and mastery.

Be grateful for the beautiful world we share together. The natural world is the abundance of variety and a global society is a melting pot of diversity. Appreciation of differences is a global theme as our differences make us strong. By nature, we are curious beings. Share perspectives on things matter for all human beings as we have different lenses-the unique perspectives in the way we look at the world, understand surroundings, and make influences.

Embracing the diversity in one another brings the full circle of the connectedness of mindsets, interdependence of life; uniqueness of enhancement rather than hindrance. Co-shape a holistic globe - a hyper-connected and interdependent world that needs to be planned and thoughtfully renewed to reach such a state of dynamic balance. Renew an organic world - an ecological and adaptive entity via a biological lens with great purpose and varying characteristics to keep evolving. In fact, the collaborative journey of our species has, but only one purpose, to push human society forward.

Show gratitude for something: Appreciation has a creative aspect to it in that value is perceived through being created by the perceptive observer. Be grateful for knowledge sharing and insight uncovering, or anything that can deepen your understanding or delight your surroundings. Appreciation touches all things - it’s from our heart flow into our mind, we can come together in an effective way bringing about change we want to see in the world because we live it in our lives.

We are in the paradigm shift - as our species is at a turning point that requires a significant adjustment in our evolutionary path to consciously discover who we are, and reach the superconscious state of who we could become. For humans to move to higher ground, we must have a different view, but share the common ground as well.

It is the day to be grateful for insight and wisdom, which are invaluable treasures to warm the heart and fresh the mind. Be grateful to understand others and be understood, make deep appreciation through deep insight, leading to a fertile ground in which the success attributes can be planted and collective progress can be made with leapfrogging changes.


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