Monday, November 22, 2021


From mindset to behavior, modern society is a dynamic continuum with collective human progress.

Modern society is a dynamic continuum with collective human progress. Progress represents upward change, either by individual or group efforts or induced by environmental and cultural tangible and intangible forces to make improvement. 

Without change, one cannot even stagnate. Whether we can set a progressive tone to make a transition from survival to thriving of our civilization depends on how we make the mind shift to structure shift to behavior shift; make culture shift from exclusive to inclusive; and make innovation from incremental to breakthrough.

Cognitive progress: We are what we think about. The variety of thought makes the world diversified, innovative and sophisticated. Usually, our minds are conditioned based on our own belief systems, education, cultural background and past experiences, etc. The world becomes much more hyper-connected and informative, people who follow common belief, other people’s opinions without critical thinking skills would get stuck at the level of conventional understanding, or make an observation on the surface level. They simply lack of insight to make progressive change.

A progressive mind is all about the desire to learn, grow and make progress with the digital new normal. In the team setting, the heterogeneous team with cognitive differences is more insightful and innovative than the homogeneous group setting. The variety of perspectives opens our mind to reach the state of super consciousness and accelerate our collective progress. When we push the parameters of the norms of life, the mindsets with a positive perspective and learning agility are open to others’ viewpoints, challenge conventional wisdom or outdated beliefs. They evolve changes proactively and practice innovation constantly.

Culture progress: Culture is defined as the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group from another. Since culture has a large impact on individual mindset, attitude, or actions and how people accomplish work, there is an overwhelming temptation to fiddle with cultural attributes such as values, norms, and beliefs. Business culture is a blend of national and organizational cultures and it is the part of a unique corporate brand. The culture tone is set from the top; at the core of culture, it’s about leadership substance, strategy perception, talent management philosophy, and organization brand and reputation. Making culture progress is the collaborative effort of all employees. In fact, working well with different cultures is now emerging as a critical success factor for global professionals working in multinational enterprises.

Good culture lifts an average strategy; culture inertia is one of the critical pitfalls that get the organization stagnated. Culture is created and shaped by a cascade of influences; the collective habits on how people make decisions or do things cross the organizational hierarchy. Cultivating a desired culture is a process which is ongoing, and a continuous journey. From top down, cultural progress can be uplifted from nurturing a working environment in which people can create bonds with respect and trust to each other, share viewpoints, get anyone you work with energized and involved, deepen culture awareness and build culture intelligence.

Innovation progress: Innovation is neither a serendipity nor a pre-described management practice. Innovation is a management process, involving experimentation, trial, error, analysis, reviews, and performance measurement, etc. Generally speaking, innovation has a very low success rate. Thus, innovation progress can be made if organizations can fine tune the processes to make idea flows, build the business capacity for innovation, create the “atmosphere” with innovation as a new normal and improve the overall success rate of idea implementation.

Innovation progress can also be made when organizations build a strong innovation portfolio with the right mix of incremental and breakthrough innovation. Radical/Breakthroughs/ Transformational Innovations are not something everyone can accomplish, it is usually disruptive and will change your organization in many fields, you need new technologies, new processes, new customers, new knowledge may be a new business model. All that makes them very risky. Thus, you need to take a progressive approach to improve the innovation performance/cost ratio, develop innovation capability of the business; that is something you do not accomplish overnight. It’s about discipline, practice, and continuity.

More often, progress is not a universal truth, but a relative truth; each person or organization needs to take their unique path to the journey of progressive change with accumulated steps and a few leapfrog movements. Progress goes hand-in-hand with one of the digital principles-to learn constantly so we continually improve. From mindset to behavior, modern society is a dynamic continuum with collective human progress.







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