Saturday, November 6, 2021


The personalization framework is a playground to build and perform your work via setting people-centric principles, establishing collaboration platforms, optimizing processes, developing practices, and assessing customer satisfaction.

The purpose of business is to create customers. Providing personalized services or solutions to its customers has become the new normal to run a customer-centric organization. 

Personalization via the hard touch of human science focuses on discovering and developing human intelligence by taking an integral approach with framework, principle, processes, practices, and performance. Personalization via the soft touch of human science inspires out-of-the-box thinking and paraconsistent inductive and deductive reasoning.

Principles: The creative economy upon us is of people, option, empathy, or simply put, "personalization.” People-centricity and empathy are the fundamental principles behind personalization. Personalization is a holistic business management effort that starts with strategic intention to put everything you do to fit customers’ needs. Principles are not some out-of-date cliché or rigid processes to stifle change. Instead, they are based on the set of digital philosophies behind personalization solutions and they help to shape the desired culture - the mindsets behind decisions, behaviors, and actions at all levels of the organizational hierarchy.

Well-defined principles and guidelines provide a more robust foundation that makes it possible to straightforwardly derive solution-level governance, set the frame of relevance and guide through culture changes and digital transformation to ensure the effectiveness. A framework provides a platform with generic components and utilities to meet customers’ needs and solve problems in a structural way.

Prioritization: People centricity is the mantra organizations need to follow. However, not every requirement from customers deserves equal treatment. Prioritization is an important technique to leverage assets, resources, and talent scientifically for solving problems that really matter; laser focus on top priority issues and shape a people centric organization.

Information based prioritization is an important perspective for improving business effectiveness and efficiency. Customer Experience is being able to evolve, and the only way to evolve is to constantly have information on your customers, where they're at their lifecycle, learning when to influence them and add more touch points where necessary.

Processes: Compared to traditional organizations that are inside-out operation driven based on event driven processes; contemporary companies today are outside-in based on people-centric, goal driven processes. Organizational management needs to clarify the business logic behind personalization design and development. Organizations, customers should become the primary driver of “why” and “what” work should be done, “how” to do it better, and “who” should do it, where to digitize the touch point of the customer experience, and which alternative solutions/services make them delightful.

Personalization is not a one-time initiative, but a journey of continuous improvement. All the pressures and processes that drive business management toward a profitable, efficient operation tend to get in the way of developing personalization services and solutions that can actually delight customers and transform the business for the long term. The business processes need to be continuously optimized for adapting to the increasingly changing environment, with embedded intelligence to predict customers’ needs and provide solutions to tailor their needs.

Practices: Greater personalization leads to a better understanding by designing tailored applications or solutions to tailor the customers' needs. Visualizing user experience enables the business to design and bring personalized solutions that meet customers’ needs. It’s important to invite customers in the conversation for constructive feedback, capture strategic insights, enhance empathetic design, improve ideas flowing through conception, design, development, production and quality assurance to deliver tailored solutions.

Either developing the best or next practices, the intention of personalization is to delight customers by presenting personalized solutions to make sure that the end user is getting maximum benefit; making a company's products and services extraordinarily relevant to the wants, needs or desires of customers, physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Performance: Personalization is a type of management effort to delight customers. You can only manage what you measure. Thus, it’s important to define measures appropriate to best assess the performance; showing how well they satisfy or delight customers and generate business value. The performance management can get more tangible results upon whether the personalized solutions help customers do things better than the current solution; whether it is intuitive, easy to use; what’s the adoption rate; whether it improves productivity or spur creativity?

Assuming an organization believes that metrics can lead to continuous improvement and improve innovation effectiveness. Metrics can help you get some objective perspective on what you are trying to manage, but they need to be crafted and interpreted well. It’s also a matter of coaching and leadership to guide the team via understanding the purpose of doing that and engaging on that, with the goal to build innovation capacity for scaling up personalization services or solutions

Customers are at the center of running a high-performance organization, being customer-centric is the ultimate goal for any forward-looking business today. The personalization framework is a playground within your structure, to build and perform your work via setting strong principles, establishing collaboration platforms, optimizing processes, developing practices, assessing customer satisfaction, and clarifying “know-how” to solve people-centric problems and delight them cross-disciplinarily.


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