Wednesday, October 26, 2022


Regardless of -who you are, where you go, do not ignore -big picture; fresh insight, significant details, talent, potential...

Past is behind us-

many ignore it,

some repeat it;

but the wise learn -

from it.

Lack of objectivity is caused by -

the narrow lens;

see the tree,

but miss the forest;

know the part,

but ignore the whole;

take a snapshot,

but ignore the dynamic.

Change comes to us,

so fast, nowadays;

information is-growing,


If you have to ignore,

ignore trivial little things,

but focus on-

big picture,


Knowledge is -

outdated sooner than -

what you thought about;

if you need to ignore,

ignore -

conventional wisdom:

as outdated perception is-

like time glue,

keeps you still,

while the rest of the world,

perhaps move forward,


In face of complex reality,

with fierce competitions,

people need to -

learn, grow constantly;

if you have to ignore,

ignore negative criticisms,

but embrace-

constructive feedback,

invaluable viewpoint,

stay focus,

to produce, improve, innovate,


People ignore-

the problems around them because-

they can't figure out -

the exact cause- effect,

so the solutions are -

vague, variable, unknown.

until the underlying problem is -


symptom continue to return,


People ignore the problems because-

they are so complex,

with more issues behind it,

there are chains of problems,

make them feel intimidating…

Regardless of -

who you are,

where you go,

do not ignore -

big picture;

fresh insight,

significant details,

talent, potential…

can you discover -

something others ignore,

solve problems,

others ignore;

discover hidden patterns,

show a willingness to -

forge ahead,

in spite of a risk of failure,


take a unique path to -


“the art of possible”



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