Friday, October 14, 2022


It is a strategic imperative for today’s business leaders and professionals to broaden the view of global society, deepen understanding of global issues, and become "insightful globalists."

Our global world has become so hyper-connected and interdependent, the functional, industrial, and geographical borders are blurred, unprecedented convenience brought by digital technologies allow us to communicate and collaborate cross boundarily. 

The global leadership development is shifting toward grooming leadership skills embodying effective communication in networks of global conversations & strategic planning, handle diverse issues that range from factors related to varying industries, operating geographies, cultures, sophistication of talent management practices, innovation, with the goals to overcome common challenges, unleash collective potential, and advance human society.

Information is one of the most invaluable assets of the company, besides people. It is the aggression of information, process, culture, etc, enabling the organization to improve knowledge management effectiveness and build real-time intelligence. Information Management makes information available and useful for growing business or delighting customers. Information Management has an expansive impact on the economy, politics, culture, and human behavior. It is the aggregation and the assessment of information that create the intelligence required to run a smart organization.

Technically, the tricky bit with information is that, depending on the level of granularity and aggregation, you can use it for multiple purposes. Information accessibility, reliability, integrity, or overall quality are also crucial to improve decision effectiveness for running an intelligent organization. There are aggregated processes involved for achieving process intelligence or intelligent processes. Nowadays, information is the most intensive puzzle piece for innovation management, especially at the global scope. Information-savvy management can apply information-based intelligence to utilize cognitive abilities of the smart business, improve decision coherence, apply quality information and emerging digital technologies, to improve business intelligence, innovativeness, and derive the multifaceted value for the betterment of the organization as a whole in the long run.

Incluversity (inclusion + diversity)
: The world is full of enriched global knowledge, talent, and culture abundance. Self-and organization-initiated cultural experiences contributed to global leadership effectiveness. Effective global leaders can lead effectively in a global business environment; articulate and embody the diverse values and culture; respect colleagues with empathy; present ‘tolerance of ambiguity’ and ‘cultural flexibility. The world-class leadership competencies include such as self-regulation, empathy, incluversity (appreciate diversity, advocate inclusion), integrity to make sound judgment, motivation to work in a global environment, versatility to attract global talent in creative activities, sophisticated to co-solve complex problems, etc.

Insightful global leaders can engage with multiple internal and external stakeholders, customers and partners worldwide effectively; abstract various perspectives into world class insight based on an updated global view. Understanding the values of your audience will facilitate your ability to develop empathy, cohesion, and strategic alliance across boundaries, rejuvenate cultures which comprise many intricate and interconnected parts, including core values, collective mindset, attitude, corporate brand, business policies, communication styles, etc.

: The world is diverse, spinning apart, alignment, integration, harmonization, is what brings it together to expedite collective progress. From global leadership to communication; from worldwide talent to collective competency, there are different complexities at a different time or dimension, and there are multilateral integrations to achieve cross-disciplinary coherence. Integration is usually complex, especially given the concurrent ecosystem changes going on. It's a strategic imperative to frame the global mind to see the ever-changing world via the multi-dimensional lenses. Global professionals today need to articulate a set of values that they can bring to the table, present the mindset, attitude, and behavior consistency in conveying those values. Global leaders can integrate diverse talent, beliefs, cultures, to improve communication effectiveness, harness collaboration, and advance human society.

The new breed of global citizens today are information savvy, have a diversity of thoughts, characters, cognitive differences, skills, styles, etc. But they are also curious to explore the world and desire to learn from each other. A harmonized global society has a huge potential to become a highly innovative system in which all sorts of components and ingredients are dynamically integrated in sometimes creative ways to generate the art of difference, spark innovation, and make a significant impact on societal evolution.

The global working environment is diverse, dynamic, energetic, and innovative; it is a strategic imperative for today’s business leaders and professionals to broaden the view of global society, deepen understanding of global issues, and become "insightful globalists," to connect interdisciplinary dots across the global scope, co-set a global innovation agenda, co-develop an ultra modern, advanced human society.


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