Wednesday, October 12, 2022


Either individually or collectively, progress cannot be made without continuous learning, creating, refining, to reach the next level of professional transcendence.

In the digital era, information is exponential and knowledge is only a few clicks away. It is a strategic imperative to reshape our thinking and recast the way we view ourselves, reimagine what is possible, reinvent methodology, practices to grow, innovate, and do things in a better way. 

High-professionalism means authenticity. Nobody is perfect, we all have strengths and weaknesses, focus and priority. Learning, experiencing, exploring ourselves to unleash potential, are all important to improve professional competencies nowadays...

It is crucial to keep learning agile, update knowledge, raise the total cognitive threshold: Nowadays information is only a click away, the knowledge cycle is shortened significantly. The border of knowledge domains is blurred and the scope of knowledge is expanded in the continual base. The trained thoughts, systems, and boxes can improve people’s cognitive ability to a certain degree. The more we know, the more relevant thoughts can be generated. To deepen the level of understanding for bridging the gap between knowledge and insight, continuing learning allows new pieces of information to be synthesized for challenging conventional thinking, generating fresh insight to fill blind spots, and making sound judgment.

To reach the next level of cognitive understanding, a growth mind is able to keep learning agile, filter information selectively, update knowledge timely, and improve the level of cognitive understanding effectively. Critical thinking can fix misperceptions, challenge conventional understanding by exploring multiple thought processes and invaluable opinions, willing to listen to diverse viewpoints. Interdisciplinarity bridges the multitude of gaps, integrates quality information across knowledge domains, creates fresh insight, captures the conceptual big picture for understanding issues holistically and solving problems effectively.

It’s a journey to deepen understanding, climb the wisdom pyramid diligently:
In order to handle today’s rapidly changing dynamic, complex problems, technical knowledge with linear logic only is simply not sufficient to deal with an interdependent, hyperconnected world smoothly. Wisdom is an umbrella term, at its best, it is the amalgamation of thoughts, value perception, in-depth analysis, unique insight, prediction of consequences, etc.. Each one of us is at a different stage of professional growth; and we should all enhance healthy cycles of learning-thinking-doing-improving; learning-unlearning-relearning; learning-understanding-sharing-creating, etc, to capture fresh insight and pursue ultimate wisdom.

Wisdom is the insightful quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the inner quality of being wise. Wisdom includes whatever knowledge we've acquired and it incorporates reflection, experience, and refinement. It may seem intangible, but it is invaluable. Often, your knowledge is the other person’s information only; but wisdom is more universal, to inspire all of us moving upward ultimately. One cannot have wisdom without knowledge, but one cannot substitute wisdom for knowledge. Wisdom is refined via explicit, tactical knowledge; cultural heritage, a set of societal values, standards, philosophical insight, etc. Knowledge without wisdom might create problems large or small; wisdom drives us to gain more knowledge, creating unconventional wisdom.

It’s great to be self-aware, self-motivated, self-disciplined to lead the full cycle of self-actualization in reaching the state of transcendence:
When people gain knowledge, develop professional skills and build unique competencies based on natural talent, they are more passionate to explore new opportunities adventurously. The digital era upon us is about innovation, choice, people centricity, people are encouraged to think independently, do things in alternative ways, self-develop to sharpen transcendent skills such as knowledge fluency, creativity, integral competency, influential persuasiveness, transformative leadership, etc. So they can significantly shorten the growth cycle to realize a holistic self, make cross-disciplinary professional transition, or high professional achievement.

People think, create, and self-actualize by architecting themselves, experimenting with new things. Human potential can be unleashed via discovering the innate strength and setting strong disciplines, taking calculated risks to shape the next level professional skills and capabilities. Professional capability optimization may evolve and move between categories based on the knowledge refinement, progressive disciplines, and professional practices; transforming from using linear skills for solving a specific set of problems to developing integral and scalable competencies for solving cross-boundary complex problems.

Today’s business workforce is multigenerational, multicultural, and multidivicing, well trained and happy staff are needed to improve business performance and make continuous improvement. High performance organizations think of their people as the invaluable asset that needs to keep investing for unlocking collective potential. Either individually or collectively, progress cannot be made without continuous learning, creating, refining, to reach the next level of professional transcendence.


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