Sunday, October 23, 2022


Can we see -commonalities, at seemingly, “polar opposite” viewpoint, holistically? Should we agree-every wise thought always has -an opposite thought, not less wise. Are we able to-bridge differences, to co-build an advanced world, harmoniously?

The world is-

full of variety;

opposite is surrounding us,

from every perspective of –

human society-

black vs white;

right vs. wrong,

open vs close;

simple vs. complex;

subjective vs. objective;

opportunity vs. risk;

yin vs. yang,

do they always divide-

the world,

or they can make-

the world -

more complete,

as a whole?

It is in human nature,

people don't like the opposite,

because they don’t recognize;

people don’t like unknown,

because they fear;

people don’t like -

each other, sometimes,

because they don’t understand -

each other,

deep enough.

In every experience,

perception is different;

in every judgment,

criteria is different;

in every scenario,

story teller is different;

audience is also different;

Can you-

deepen understanding of -

those pairs of opposite,


The race of human against -

the machine is running,

the knowledge life cycle is-



people become-

more information-savvy;

are we moving  into -

the inclusive age when -

quite many conventional opposites,

seem not to be-

so exclusive;

Can we see -


at seemingly,

“polar opposite” viewpoint,


Should we agree-

every wise thought always has -

an opposite thought,

not less wise;

are we able to-

bridge true differences,

to co-shape an advanced world,



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