Thursday, October 13, 2022


Invest in talented people, invest in people-centric solutions, invest in breakthrough innovation.

Change is the new normal, and change can be an opportunity. The business needs to make investments and improve return on investment by articulating what the pros and cons of each investment option are for today and the proposed tomorrow.

 It’s important for the management to clarify what investments you should direct more assets to solve problems with priority, generate business value structurally. Investment management can present a "strategic leverage” to identify the hot spots to invest and maximize the business's benefit from their investment effectively.

Invest in talented people with fresh ideas, high potentiality, integrated capability: Business investment is a sophisticated activity that requires the art of vision and communication, science of analysis and synthesis. Invest in people, not just things. Visionary leaders or entrepreneur types of professionals usually show growth potential, and have their unique set of core competencies to make differences. They can create the new landscape, shape their fresh views, and build their habitual ecosystem to thrive, attract more people like them to catalyze innovation and advance our shared world.

There are both opportunities and risks for every investment; it is also true for human capital investment. Human Capital includes all the talent, competencies, and experience of people. Individuals showing potential are distinguished by their mastery of new roles quickly and effectively, learning more rapidly than their peers. High potential people are intellectually curious, with a strong desire to learn, grow, innovate, and expand their horizon with strong self-motivation. Professionals with integral capabilities can wear multiple personas, make smooth, faster transitions and solve complex problems seamlessly. They are worth investment to explore the emerging opportunities, design new business models, and investigate different paths for growth and problem-solving.

Invest in people-centric customized solutions with choices:
The fundamental purpose of an organization is to produce value for its customers. Forward-thinking companies intend to become people-centric organizations across industries. They have a set of value-generating business competencies that match customers’ needs and are difficult to copy. The investment management needs to identify prospective customers, invest in the business that can figure out how to provide differentiated value to customers and produce high quality, customized solutions which will delight and benefit customers with personalized themes.

Customers must be willing to pay for things you provide, whether it is a product, process or service, to meet their needs. Invest in people-centric customized solutions with choices; identify promising big ideas for investment. Providing personalized products, services or solutions to its customers has become an emerging trend to run customer-centric organizations. As it is the tangible experience people have with a company and how closely it delivers against what the company brand promises.

Invest in trends with strong business models:
The emerging digital trends bring significant opportunities for businesses to pursue growth. To survive and thrive for the long-term perspective, investment management should envision the emerging trends to create headroom for innovation and business growth. The logical investment scenario helps to ask thought-provoking questions to embrace great feedback and diverse perspectives, assess whether the business model is the right investment to be done in the first place, and estimate return on investment in a measurable manner.

Good investors capture the trends for breakthrough innovation, stimulate imagination and inspire creativity, think outside the box, bring fresh viewpoints, study the business models. They are also cool-headed to do in-depth strategic or finance analysis, investigate marketing positions, and collecte customers' feedback to validate investment ROI.

Investment is risky; it presents a greater challenge and reward by pioneering the development of new products, services, processes, or business models, etc. Invest in talented people, invest in people-centric solutions, invest in breakthrough innovation. Investors need to have a bold vision, fresh insight, finance discipline, share with an entrepreneur's passion, have capabilities to ask good questions and present value in an understandable way. Return on Investment should be expanded into a broader perspective which usually cannot be measured fully in time and dollars, including people satisfaction, multifaceted value, or societal evolution.


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