Sunday, October 30, 2022


 Logic is the hidden clue that weave all crucial ingredients into business reality.

Modern society has the very characteristics of hyperdiversity and interdisciplinary connectivity. Human history is an evolutionary journey; we are on the advancing journey when we move from information scarcity to knowledge economy to creativity economy. All generations need to realize they need to keep refreshing their mindset, learn from each other, share fresh insight. 

Running a real-time organization or an advanced human society starts with applying quality information to predict emerging trends & risks, clarify advanced logic, and conquer dynamic digital management challenges.

Advanced logic based on predictive analytics that can be used to help drive changes and improvements in business practices: In face of fierce competitions and frequent disruptions, timing is always important to leverage the right information for making effective decisions by the right people at the right timing. Predictive analytics refers to the flavor of analytics where current and historical data is exploited using techniques from data mining, statistics, machine learning etc to enhance future oriented business logic for improving decision coherence. Just-in-time information management is crucial; as the power of information is to empower the business with real-time insight across the organization in ways never possible before.

Nowadays, the business environment is dynamic, forward-thinking companies leverage information-based analytics to provide business foresight and customer insight about upcoming opportunities or risks. Advanced analytical logic will give all kinds of businesses the capability to anticipate the future. This is more imperative when uncertainty, velocity, complexity, and doubts are major hindrances to problem-solving. Business leaders are asking for real time analysis, and it means information processing as soon as the data is ingested. Technically, predictive analysis involves techniques such as regression, forecasting, simulation, and risk analysis, navigating value position. With accurate forecasts, business managers can navigate their organization toward the right direction smoothly, expediting business transformation..

The logic of personalization is to deeply understand customers via empathy and delight them with customized solutions:
People are complex systems, there’s convergence of hard and soft sciences of humans from an cross-disciplinary perspective. Personalization based on the logic of empathy is about how you feel about the whole process of being a customer- the sum of all thoughts, attitudes, experiences, feelings, reactions, etc. When managing a personalization cycle, gaining a deep understanding of customers through empathetic observation, customer involvement. So your design will serve as you seek to understand their wants, desires, and needs, focus on creating value for customers in every step, clarify "design logic" or "behavioral value chain" between the inputs - intermediate steps - outcomes.

Personalized solutions give customers an impression on how it can tailor their needs to solve problems and achieve higher-than-expected business results. One of the biggest benefits of clarifying empathetic logic is a focus on planning what areas personalization effort will focus on based on strategic alignment. It’s important to lean on customers, often eliciting highly valuable information to design tailored applications or solutions to meet customers’ needs. So personalization brings a unique perspective of innovative problem-solving to tailor customers’ requirements even before they know them. It is a critical aspect of the business future and a significantly underutilized competitive advantage.

Preventive logic based on information-based forecasts enables the business to prevent problems from happening and deal with uncertainty effectively:
Uncertainty and risk are inherent in every venture, information exponentiality and change is the new normal. Forecasting and brainstorming scenarios for failure in the future helps everyone be clear about what they don't want to happen and what can be done to avoid it. Preventive logic allows business leaders to step into the future confidently, identify emerging problems or risks effectively, and lead the change smoothly.

The information based prediction is optimal to predict risks, prevent or solve problems scientifically. In practice, it’s important to make data more “visible” for shareholders, apply the real time analysis model to predict the potential problems from happening and prevent or manage them smoothly. Forethoughtful organizations are seeking to exploit the value found in convergence technologies - advanced analytics, making accurate forecasts; also taking interdisciplinary logic to prevent problems from happening psychologically, sociologically, and philosophically, etc.

Modern society is a dynamic continuum with collective human thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Logic is the hidden clue that weave all crucial ingredients into business reality. Real societal advancement is made through the work of forwarding-looking minds, updating knowledge, clarifying advanced logic and making collective progress constantly.


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