Thursday, October 13, 2022


Isn't it a tough journey to write 9800 blog postings - to pursue the digital way of brainstorming, innovating and story-telling?

The “Future of CIO” Blog has reached 7 million page views with 9800+ blog postings in 59+ different categories of leadership, management, strategy, digitalization, change/talent, etc. 

The “Digital Master” book series includes 29 books to share insight from the multidimensional digital lens and perceive the multi-faceted impact the digital era upon us is making to businesses and society. The content richness is not for its own sake, but to convey the vision and share the wisdom. Here is the weekly insight of innovation leadership, IT Management, and Talent Management.

Initiatives Organizations no matter large or small, all face unprecedented change, uncertainty, accelerated business dynamic, globally influenced and technologically advancing world. There are many roadblocks on the way to drive change and implement a strategy. It is important to “make vision reachable” and "make strategy happen." The responsibility of the business management is to make a seamless alignment of planning and implementation, which are complementary processes, iterative cycles that only balance each other and produce meaningful outcomes.

Initiativeofleadership Leadership is about the future and direction; it is the capacity to influence others through vision birthed by a conviction of a sense of purpose, motivate the team by a passion, and lead teams by professional competency and example, steer their organization in the right direction.

Initiativesofbods The world becomes over-complex and hyperdiverse, digital disruptions are inevitable and business transformation is unstoppable. The corporate board's role is to pull management out of the trees to see the forest by enforcing governance disciplines and steering business in the right direction at a premium speed.

Initiatelevelsofactualization In the digital era, information is exponential and knowledge is only a few clicks away. It is a strategic imperative to reshape our thinking and recast the way we view ourselves, reimagine what is possible, reinvent methodology, practices to grow, innovate, and do things in a better way.

Initiativeofinnovation Innovation has differentiated value; it’s the essence of evolution. It takes vision, empathy, and understanding to drive innovation effort. It’s critical to look deeply into the future which can have a profound effect on where you go, and how you get there to amplify innovation impact.

Blogging is not about writing, but about thinking of new ideas; sharing and innovating. It’s not just about WHAT to say, but about WHY to say, and HOW to say it. It reflects the color and shade of your thought patterns, and it indicates the peaks and curves of your thinking waves. Unlike pure entertainment, quality and professional content takes time for digesting, contemplation and engaging, and therefore, it takes time to attract the "hungry minds" and the "deep souls." It’s the journey to amplify diverse voices and deepen digital footprints, and it's the way to harness your innovative spirit.


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