Monday, October 24, 2022


To unleash potential, professionals need to be learning agile for developing unique skills and building differentiated competency.

Contemporary organizations are hyper-diverse, people are the most invaluable asset in any business. They are not just cost or resources, but full of potential that needs to be tapped, and they are the human capital worth investing in a smart way.

 Forethoughtful companies encourage talented people to discover “who they are,” and “who they want to be.” There are multi-steps in developing talent and there are multi-dimensions of exploring untapped potential.


A vision plus passion: A vision is inspirational; it is what you see yourself or your organization becoming if you stay true to your purpose. Without vision, there will be no human progress. A good vision statement for professional development motivates people continually to "reach beyond their grasp," in pursuit of longer-term professional goals. Pale vision with “near-sighted” views distracts people and discourages changes. Passion is an inspiration which is often accompanied by vision. Passion can sustain and become the drive to realize visions. With a clear vision and positive mentality, you will fuel with passion about what you are doing, for putting efforts to unlock human potential without limiting your imagination.

Inner drive, wishes and desires:
Being authentic is the state of self-consciousness, self-discovery, and self-improvement. The more you understand yourself; the better chance you can have an inner drive and a positive attitude to explore and develop yourself fully. Purpose implies intention. Intention is one’s inner drive to achieve, coming with inner drive and winning with purpose. Authenticity enables people to finger out inner drives, wishes, desires, accelerates capability building because natural talent can be developed more smoothly into professional competencies.

Initiate goals-setting with tangible plans, time frames: Things are dynamic nowadays, learn-doing - learning continuum enable people to keep discovering themselves, gain fresh knowledge and keep growing continually. It is true once you embark on a journey of professional goal achievement, it generally turns into a circular path versus linear way. By setting clear professional goals with tangible plans and timelines, people can manage time more scientifically. To make transformative changes, character and courage are important to help people keep their eye on the goals, and keep developing professional competency.

Interactive, personalized talent development: It’s important to truly understand the talented employee as a whole consistently. It should strongly encourage employees to self-reflect, self- discover, self-evaluate performance, and take consistent effort to unleash potentiality. After making an objective assessment, networking and professional training is part of the talent development scenario. From “one size fits all” to customization, learning & training need to be an integral component of talent development. Involve every employee to have their set of career goals and to participate in personalized development. Training should be a means to an end for improving professional competence and developing workforce capability.

Accumulate new experiences that lead in the direction you want to go: The journey of a career is accumulated experience. When people’s everyday experience is one of frustration, boredom, and disengagement; they cannot unlock their potential actively. High potential employees are those who understand that learning, talent development is a lifetime experience, and then their experience will be a building block of developing professional competence. It’s always important to refine people’s professional experiences and what was going on when they felt most engaged and alive. What was happening and what made that experience so powerful for them. So organizations can build an innovative working environment in which people can gain enriched professional experiences and contribute to the business success in the long term.

Build new skills and integral capabilities, towards the direction you want to go: As we gradually move into the digital economy with abundant knowledge and blurred functional or industrial domains, it’s important for talented professionals to keep learning and sharpening their skills to fit for the dynamic changing environment and tap their potential constantly. It’s important for people to develop multidimensional thinking, hybrid skills, ambivert personalities, or ambidextrous capabilities, growing talent holistically from mindset, attitude, to actions, for reaching the next level of talent discovery, interdisciplinarity and autonomy.

Accumulate resources to unleash human potential: With the overwhelming amount of information in the business and our society, it is more crucial to be resourceful, keep accumulating knowledge, gain fresh insight, and unleash human potential. Being resourceful provides one angle to show that you have the ability to learn, know how to learn, and become learning agile. Over time, you develop an effective set of filters that help you find new information to keep developing talent. Resource allocation and level of balance in capability management include things such as knowledge management, education, professional training, etc, to tap collective human potential in the organization.

Each of us is unique, people all have natural talent or some innate strength. To unleash potential, professionals need to be learning agile for developing unique skills and building differentiated competency. It takes a journey of self-reflection - discovering their innate desire, talent, strength, and drive; then, self-management - do their best to develop their talent, unleash potential constantly.


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