Saturday, February 6, 2021

Variety of Interference

Either individually or collectively, the potential is an investment. By managing interference well, the organization with the culture of empowerment will reap the benefits of high productivity, high performance, and high-intelligence.

Performance keeps the business running and potential moves the business to the next level of growth. In the real world though, there is friction or inertia, or different sorts of interference which prevents the organization from unleashing its full potential. Practically, achieving digital performance and unlocking business potential is a logical business management scenario and an iterative continuum of developing and inspecting the quality of products/services, measuring performance, and understanding results holistically. It’s also critical to understand the causes of those interferences and make progressive change effectively. Performance = Potential -Interference.

Usually misalignment is the interference: With rapid pace of changes and frequent disruptions, nowadays, many organizations suffer from silo, overloaded information, they are not integral so seamlessly, fighting the limited resource; role conflict or differing priority is often the cause of misalignment, and misalignment is the interference. More specifically, misalignment is caused by silo mentality, miscommunication, lack of cross-functional understanding, or simply wrong people put in the wrong position to solve the wrong problems. Therefore, In order to break down silos and make a seamless alignment, people first need to see the benefit in breaking the silos by showing the daily business advantage and further opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

The “command and control” management style is gradually running out of steam because today’s workforce is highly educated and fluent with abundant information and digital technologies, they prefer to make their own choice to communicate and do their work with freedom without too much interference. High performance organizations naturally have closer connections between functions and all functions and levels are more intimately involved with the market and each other on a regular basis. Performance improvement must take the long term view, overcome barriers, and manage both performance and potential accordingly.

Non-systematic thinking perspective, processes or having overly rigid processes is the interference that causes business friction: Performance keeps the light on; potential is how we (either individually or organizationally) perform in a different context or within the same context as a result of growth, maturity, skill development, or capability shaping, etc. Highly effective performance management should facilitate frictionless information flow and motivate people to achieve performance higher than expectations and accomplish their work creatively.

Running a self-autonomous organization is about empowerment and trust, with the ultimate goal to improve business performance and unleash potential, Overly rigid processes, organizational hierarchy or centralization, misalignment of system/process, overly rigid functional silo or groupthink, comfort zone or status quo, etc, are the interference which stifles business speed. Keep flattening business hierarchies, and keep information, ideas, and business flow smoothly. Digital platforms enabled by collaboration tools and efficient apps help to lubricate processes, and streamline business processes and systems.

Any business friction existing is interference to decrease productivity, diminish innovation, or decelerate business speed: There are interference and many causes of digital stagnation and there are numerous roadblocks to changes, such as lack of direction, culture inertia, learning curve, etc. To eliminate interference, individually, the mind with self-discipline should be consciously trained even to some flexibility so that they don't get disturbed too much and keep learning to expand the horizon with a growth mind. Concentrate your energy on developing your own strength and building your cohesive capabilities, not just putting eyes on your competitors. Collectively, how successfully the organization can handle digital disruption and deal with interference depends on how fast and capable they can adapt to change.

Not all inferences are bad. It is very true that unless there is a disruption, people very rarely move out of their comfort zones. Growth is not possible unless we are willing to move out of our comfort zone. Once that complacency barrier is broken, people become more creative to overcome the change curve and a positive change process can commence. They can take a proactive approach to build phenomenal long-loved transformations and make a significant difference in mindset, attitude, and aptitude.

From the business management perspective, to understand the business or the world as a complex adaptive system requires an understanding of how things have come together, being “built” at the intuitive level. Either individually or collectively, the potential is an investment. By managing interference well, the organization with the culture of empowerment will reap the benefits of high productivity, high performance, and high-intelligence.


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